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So, what do you have hidden in your tightie whities ? Yeah, that's what I thought. Your teeny weenie is somewhere in there. Let me get my magnifying glass and try to find it. Does it feel good rubbing against the soft cotton undies your mommie used to buy for you? Can you even feel that little dicklet of yours?

Look, I am the girl you could never get, I would never even look at you except to make you wash my panties after gym class and clean out my car before school. Now we are all grown up . . . well . . . some of us are! You are still the pencil dick you were back then. I am still the Goddess that you will never have. You know you can never satisfy me and are even lucky to get any time whatsoever with me!

So here is the deal. You may call me. I may or may not answer. If you whine you will be punished. If you cry or complain like a little girl you will have to do whatever I demand. I may need a good laugh so be sure to tell me all about your sissy stick. You may call me now.

You may call your Mistress Meredith . . . Goddess.

Shut up and do as you are told.