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Everybody always said how sweet I look and how angelic I sound. Don't let My adorable sweet voice fool you, loser. I genuinely enjoy making you squirm with My verbal spankings. You know you need it?otherwise you wouldn't be calling Me. When I laugh I'm laughing at you, not with you. I'm a total Humiliatrix and I especially enjoy feeling how uncomfortable you'll get from My insults. It's hilarious that you?d be turned on by Me telling you how utterly pathetic you are. You'll be gushing your little loser secrets to Me and then I'll effortlessly and ruthlessly exploit every one. I'll make you stumble over your words when I spank you with Mine. There's nothing more enjoyable than embarrassing you and making you blush like a little bitch! I like humiliation that is both subtle and blunt. Are you ready for this verbal ninja to lay the smack down on your sorry ass? If you have a pinky pecker you?d better be ready for Me to make fun of you :P. I can't help it, cockettes just make Me giggle. After all, that's the only thing they are really good for aren't they?