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Do you know that I feed off the heat of your humiliation?

I love stripping you naked and taking away all of your dignity. I love it when you confess all of your secrets and shortcomings. Of course I use them all against you.

You will not be able to resist my soft voice as it makes you feel so safe and so secure. You'll tell me things you've never told another living soul. Family secrets. Things you did that one drunken night in college. The dirty pictures that run through your mind as you feverishly masturbate during all-day jerk marathons. Your cum eating fantasies. The panties you covet--or the panties you have hidden in the basement. Your inability to please your wife. The girlfriend that laughed when you dropped your pants and showed her your pathetic penis. Your bisexual fantasies. No need to hold back. Those secrets weigh too much! Let them all slide right out of you.

I wish I could say I won't hold them against you, but....

Well, you and I both know that I will.

My laugh is honey coated humiliation--so sweet and yet so bitter. You find yourself addicted to it.

You love me. You hate me. You desperately need me.

My sweet lover. I know I cause you agony, but I'll never stop. I'll drain you. I'll consume you. I'm sweet torture.

Admit it, you want me. I can be yours, but I am not freely given. All I ask in return for my companionship is all of you. I think you'll agree that even though the price is steep, I am worth it.