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That ridiculous excuse for a cock is a complete waste of space, isn't it? Hell, you can barely feel it in your hand, you have to use your index finger and your thumb to "stroke" it. Not that what you do qualifies as a "stroke", more like a pinch and quick circle. You should just give up trying to be manly and masturbate like a girl, at least that would be entertaining.

I'd love to see you rolling around on your belly, dry humping your hand till it spits its nonexistent goo all over the floor. Just for my own laughter purposes, while you're wearing pretty pink panties. Because who doesn't love a good wet spot? Right? Besides, it's far more humiliating to be left alone, cold, and wet after being verbally reduced to bits.

Odd, how hard you find yourself after a good tongue lashing, and how hard up you are to make it happen again. Maybe that's why you go around acting like the world's biggest asshat, cause you're baiting women to put you in your place. If that's the case, seek no more, I relish the idea of pointing out all of your inadequacies, as well as your short cummings. I look forward to reminding you just how pathetic you are and making you all but beg for a glimpse of kindness. Again, isn't it odd that your cocklette twitched at those words? We should totally talk about this and find out just what this is all about. Cum on and be honest with me, I'll be brutally honest to you.