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The slight tremble in your voice, and the long pause when I ask you what are you into, tells me there is so much more here. And I can't tell you how excited I am to discover everything you are hiding. I want all of your deepest desires to be brought to light.

I want to listen to the pitch in your voice change when I mention those things that really hit you at your core. I am on a mission to make you squirm. I take pride in making all forms of humiliation as haunting as possible. Consider me your personal humiliation expert here to show you all the ways you can and will be humiliated and don't feel guilty about loving every second of our session.

It stays right here. No one has to know your cock is small or that you like to go to public places and be exposed. Whatever form of humiliation you are into, sexual or emotional,

I have the answer. When you hear my voice laced with honey, you might think to yourself she is too sweet to be mean. Never judge a book by the voice because I turn into a mean little bitch in zero seconds flat. By the end of our session you will feel warm and fuzzy right under the surface of all of your shame. But the mixture of those feelings will keep you coming back to talk with mistress Maura. And my personal mission is to make sure you feel that same intense shame that you felt that first time you called, every time you call.