A Cuckoldress Speaks


A cuckoldress and one of the wonderful and beautiful Mistresses here at LDW was cool and generous enough to let me ask her some questions about her feelings about cuckolds and their place in her life. Below are her answers. I’m sure you cuckies and cuckie-wanna-bes will LOVE hearing what she has to say!


1. Why do you think men want to be cuckolded?


Men have an innate need to please women. Whether they realize it or not, they want our approval and they want us to be happy. When they admit to themselves that they can’t make us happy sexually, they try to find ways to fix that. I think it makes them happy to know we have someone who can satisfy us.


2. Do you cuckold all the men in your life


Nope! I cuckold some of them, but not all. There are men in my life who are very good in bed, they aren’t anyone I would ever cuckold and then there are those who I would call to help my cuckold someone. Of course every once in a while I like to get myself in a cuckold relationship, just because I can and it’s so much fun.


3. What do you like most about being a Cuckoldress?


I’d have to say that the very best part of being a Cuckoldress is getting to have my cake and eat it too, literally. What woman wouldn’t want to be able to fuck whomever she chooses while staying married to the man who provides her with material comforts?

It’s perfect, even if I’m cuckolding a boyfriend when someone has lots of great qualities, but just sucks in bed, I can have another man who takes care of me sexually while not having to give up the things I do like about the first.


4. Anything you don’t like?


The whining. Sometimes cuckies get very whiney. We make an agreement, he knows how things are going to go, he joins in, gets off, dresses up, whatever, and then I’m having an amazing time with another man and he starts complaining. Not wanting to participate.

Pouting instead of watching. Getting choosy about which men I like and all kinds of other little petty things that cause me to have to stop and address his issues. That annoys me and it ruins some of the fun I’m trying to have but if I don’t do it, he’ll act out when my sexy stud is there and that’s worse. So, cuckold jealousy- that’s what this Cuckoldress dislikes.


5. Do you think it’s sexy to cuckold someone?


I do! I mean I personally feel that no one should do anything sexual that doesn’t totally turn them on. Isn’t that the damn point, after all, to get turned on and get off? Of course, it is! So, the fact that I LOVE cuckolding men is a great indication of how I feel about it. Besides, sometimes when you have someone you use over and over again to humiliate your cuckold husband or boyfriend, you end up realizing he’s a great guy. Then you have a hot guy in bed and a decent guy all in one! It’s like finding out you have one more cookie in the cookie jar just when you thought it was empty. Yummy!


6. Please share some of your experiences as a cuckold Mistress.


I’ve had quite a few, but I have to say that one of my very favorites was with a man who thought he was too good to be a cuckold. He wanted it but was certain his wife would never go for it because she was completely satisfied in their relationship. I assured him that was most likely not the case. I mean he was a selfish chatter so of course, he was a selfish lover.

It didn’t take me more than a few days to convince his wife that making him a cuckold would be more fun for her than it was for him and hey, that tipped the scales and she went for it! And guess what? Turns out she wasn’t all that satisfied and the man she chose to bring to her bed was the same man who had just beat the hubby out for a promotion.

So he was more of a man to her in every way and the first time he had to watch, well he was shocked at who she’d chosen and then very humiliated and wanted to stop. But like I warned him, once she got a taste…there was no turning back. I think it’s like that for every woman. Once someone really gets you off good, you aren’t going to go back to settling for almost.


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