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A Cuckold’s Humiliation


Cuckold humiliation. The word cuckold is synonymous with humiliation. After all, the term was derived from a type of cuckoo bird who lays eggs and leaves the male to look after them in the nest while she goes off to sew her wild oats. The dictionary defines a cuckold as “a man whose wife is unfaithful,” and I suppose while that is the literal interpretation, there are other contributing factors, such as his sexual inadequacy or her superiority.

Sometimes the cuckold is aware of what she’s doing and knows he’s being cuckolded, but the original use for cuckold is to describe man whose wife is unfaithful, unbeknownst to him. The premise is that everybody who knows them knows what she’s doing but he’s completely clueless and left in the dark.

The fact that he doesn’t know what everybody else knows makes him look like a dupe; naive and clueless. Like a cuckold. When he shows up to social gatherings, the town folk talk behind his back about what a clueless cuckold he is; and he’s completely oblivious.


Cuckold Humiliation: A Husband’s Inadequacies


It is true that one of the biggest reasons a wife cuckolds her husband is because he is incapable of pleasing her the way she needs to be pleased. Whether it’s because of his small penis size or because he simply doesn’t possess the skills necessary to be a good lover, the focus on this type of cuckolding is less about the fact that she’s superior and more about the fact that he is severely lacking; that he just doesn’t quite measure up, and never will.

Sometimes she flaunts it in his face and he’s completely aware of the fact that he doesn’t measure up and she makes it clear that she is going to find somebody who does. Other times, he suspects that is what she’s doing but can never quite prove it.

She stays out late, comes home, and is extra horny. At least that’s what he’s thinking because she demands he lick her much-wetter-than-usual pussy until she orgasms. Speaking of demanding he lick her pussy, that’s another thing he noticed; she’s much more assertive than usual. Demands and expectations have replaced hints and suggestions.

As mentioned above, it’s quite likely that everybody who knows the couple knows what she’s doing. She may even be cuckolding him with his best friend or coworker. Right under his nose. And poor, dear, naive cuckold is the only one in the world who doesn’t know what’s going on. Of course, when he does find out what’s going on, he will feel a heaping dose of cuckold humiliation.

At first, he’ll be angry, then he’ll be melancholy, and finally, the sweet sting of cuckold humiliation will set in and the newly realized cuckold finds himself quite aroused at his own ignorance. Not only that, but instead of begging her to come home so he can spend time with her, he will likely start begging her to stay out and “enjoy herself” while he stays home and masturbates, just imagining what she may be doing while she’s out.


A Wife’s Superiority


Another reason a wife may cuckold her husband is that she simply needs more sexual attention than one man can give. He may not be lacking in size at all; in fact, he may actually be quite well endowed. It’s just that no one man could possibly keep up with her sexual appetite. This type of woman is oversexed and usually drop-dead gorgeous so she has no trouble finding additional men to fulfill her sexual demands. This type of wife is what is known as a “hot wife” or “slut wife.”

This is the type of woman any man would consider himself lucky to have landed; at least at first. After all, she wants sex and she wants it all the time; every man’s dream, right? Not really. While all men say that’s what they want; indeed may think that’s what they want, the reality of being expected to perform 24/7 is more than any man can take. After all, he’s one man. He gets tired. He has to worry about recovering quick enough after his orgasm that he’s ready to please her again, almost immediately. A woman doesn’t have to worry about recovery time. She can have sex as much as she likes, even 24/7. And she wants it that much, too.

In this case, she was probably sleeping around while he dated her and he just didn’t have a clue. Much like the scenario above, it’s likely that everybody else knew it was happening, but he’s so enamored by her, he doesn’t see it. Too busy following her around like a love-sick puppy, worshiping the ground she walks on, waiting on her hand and foot, just hoping she’d give him one of those bright smiles of hers to signify what a good job he’s doing. Of course, that smile never comes. But that’s okay. He knows she appreciates him, or at least he’s fairly certain she does.

It doesn’t matter why the man is being cuckolded. What matters is that he is being cuckolded in front of all who know him. He cannot talk to anybody he knows without them thinking about the fact that he’s a cuckold. That his wife is sleeping with another man, even multiple other men, and he isn’t doing anything about it. What those who know him don’t understand is that this utter humiliation is the biggest source of his sexual excitement.

Ahh, the sweet sting of cuckold humiliation.


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