A Deeper Exploration Into Humiliation


Let’s take an exploration into humiliation and see what we find, shall we?

As many of you may have read, my husband and I went from living a very vanilla life of the everyday mundane routine to a more kinky lifestyle. We had a stylish home in the city, and much of what everyone around us wished to have. We had fulfilled the American dream, complete with two children, a pet dog, and a family cat.

There was nothing spectacular about our life, nor did anything out of the ordinary ever really happen in our household. We spent many years living out our dirty secrets in private from one another–years that needed to be made up for, now that we have found ourselves in a new lifestyle.

Our first exploration into humiliation stemmed from a game I had created after finding out about my husband’s dirty erotic humiliation secret. After each humiliation task, our lovemaking sessions had gotten more and more intense. It was insane how incredibly turned on each scenario made not only him, but for me. I think it was the rush of power, knowing that he was humiliating himself willingly, yet begrudgingly, for me.

Some time had passed between our first little humiliation game and the time when I decided it was time to step deeper in to sensual humiliation with my husband. Here is a bit about the progression toward the day we finally pushed his limits to the maximum.


Prolonged Exposure In CFNM Humiliation


On this particular day, I chose to have a small dinner party, where I would test if Philip had become the humiliation slave I had always dreamed of and to see if he was ready to take our new kink to the next level. Once my three best friends arrived, all dressed gorgeously, we gathered in the living room, where my husband brought a tray of drinks for us.

I slipped him a note, much in the fashion of our old erotic humiliation game, and sent him off to the next room to read it. The note instructed him to strip nude and to carry out the rest of the evening serving me and my friends while completely naked; this included grilling in the backyard.

My husband’s entire body was blushing as we stepped out onto the patio, the air filled with giggles as we all noticed that his cock was starting to get harder and harder. His dick was completely erect as he served a very demanding party of high class females an afternoon BBQ, completely exposed. This clothed female naked male scenario was assured to make him feel completely weak, powerless, and totally humiliated.

He carried out the entire evening just as I had said, and by the time all of my friends had finally settled down in their various rooms for the night, he must have been exhausted, not to mention about to explode with sexual arousal. He crawled up, begging to fuck me, and I simply toyed with him as my mind whirred with the possibilities. This is when I decided it was time for the next public humiliation task for my little slut.


Exploration Into Humiliation: Public Masturbation And Punishment


My husband was ready to do anything for a release at this moment, so I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to coerce him into something that was sure to humiliate him thoroughly. I grabbed him lightly by his cock and led him into the main living room, where I started to stroke him. He was already threatening to cum, but I whispered for him to not dare cum without permission. I could tell that he was trying so hard not to.

Julia just so happened to be one of the girls staying with us, and I had already informed her of my little plan so that she could be dressed appropriately. I told my husband to call Julia into the room to watch as I jerked him off. His eyes lit up with excitement as he bellowed down the hall for her.

Within moments, she emerged wearing a rather skimpy lingerie set on her tight, young 22 year old body. My husband was begging to cum, and I informed him that premature ejaculation would not be accepted, but before I could finish his pathetic dick exploded all over the chair next to us.

I forced him to his knees in front of his cum, telling him to call the others in so that he could be punished properly in front of our guests for being a naughty boy. This time he called out much more weakly as he inhaled the scent of the cum that was inches from his nose. The girls all filed in one by one and each almost instantly burst into a fit of laughter as they saw my husband there, staring at his own cum. I told him to explain why he was about to be spanked by his strict Mistress, as well as why he had become a cum eating whore.

His humiliation was intense as I told Julia to push his face down to lick the cum off the chair as another of the girls circled around to get behind him. It was not his femdom wife that would spank him, but a woman that was almost a stranger to him. This only increased his humiliation with every harsh slap to his ass.

After his ass was a brilliant shade of red, we had him stand up before us and slowly jerk himself off, all while carefully listening to each of our guided masturbation commands. It was not long before he was pathetically begging for permission to orgasm and lick up his own cum like the cum eating slave he’d become during this intense session of erotic humiliation.  And just like that, my first exploration into humiliation turned me into a humiliation addict!


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