A Soldier’s Story: Semper Fi, Sissified


Today was the much anticipated day. Today was the day that my new humiliation slave would finally arrive home and be sissified. I stood there patiently waiting, dressed to kill. I was dressed in a red halter dress, with a pearl white cardigan pullover, sheer stockings, complete with a matching garter belt, and killer red 6-inch stilettos.

My make-up was the image of perfection; the finishing touch was the blood-red lipstick. Over my shoulder was the matching purse, all too inconspicuous for the items that it held. My long black hair flowed down my back and across my shoulders. I knew he would be weak in the knees from the very moment he laid his eyes on me.

As I gazed down the terminal, half day-dreaming of the plans I had for him that day, I saw him finally crest the escalator. Wasn’t he just a sight for sore eyes in his Army camouflage and a rucksack over his shoulder? He glanced up and our eyes met.

There was electricity, and all of the fireworks that go with seeing your lover, but there was more to this gaze. After just a moment of gazing into my eyes, he quickly averted his eyes to the ground and his pace quickened.

He walked quickly up to me, and I embraced him like an old lover, but the catch was that in the same moment I pulled out a matching bra and panty set, bright pink and purple, and slipped them coyly into his pocket. While still holding him in my arms, I leaned to his ear whispering, “Hurry now and put these on so we can head home.” I stepped back, smiled and admired the bright red his cheeks turned.


Sissified: Feminization Of The Army Boy


He turned on his heels, all sissified, as I watched, hanging his head slightly in humiliation, and walked quickly to the restrooms around the corner. I waited patiently for him, my excitement growing with each passing minute. It wasn’t terribly long before he came marching out, chest puffed out, as manly as ever, at least to the naked eye. If any of them had a clue as to what he was wearing beneath his uniform, they would have been terribly shocked.

As he approached me, I grabbed the front of his belt, practically dragging him from the airport to the car. I had made sure to park in a fairly inconspicuous place for the next part of my plan. As soon as he had lugged his bag into the trunk, I grabbed his hand and walked around to the opposite side of the car, I started off innocently enough, pushing him against the car and kissing him deeply. At the same time, my hands were quickly unfastening his belt and getting his pants unfastened.

First, I reached in to assure he had on the panties and smiled as I felt the satin material. I told him to turn around. He instinctively put his hands on the side of the car, hanging his head disparagingly. I reached into my purse and pulled out a small bottle of lube and a butt plug. He glanced over his shoulder just once, which was met with a harsh slap to remind him to be obedient.

I leaned up and whispered into his ear to just relax as I pressed the butt plug into his ass so slowly I knew his eyes must have been darting around to assure no one could see what was happening to him. Once the butt plug was securely in place, I pulled up his pants and instructed him to get in the car.

I am sure he thought we would rush straight home, but I was in no real rush so we stopped for dinner at one of the most expensive places in town. I am sure the fact that he was  all sissified, wearing panties, a bra, and a butt plug made him feel just a bit embarrassed. He was blushing throughout the entire meal and squirming all around. It was during this meal that I could see the realization hit him, that he really and truly had found his dream strict Mistress.


Humiliation Slut Finds What He’s Always Needed


He had always craved erotic humiliation from a powerful, yet sensual Domme. After the dinner was over, I had one more stop for us to make before getting all the way home. This last stop would prove to be a moment of ultimate humiliation. We went to a nearby department store so that we could pick him out some more appropriate clothing.

As we were picking out various dresses and other pieces of lingerie, I saw him blushing more and more, which only fed my fire for humiliating him. I told him to put on each outfit and come out to model for me and practically the entire store, showing off his sissified self.

I could see his will breaking with every outfit, though he may have been enjoying this little charade too much from the looks of his hard dick. At this point, we quickly settled on a few items and headed back home where the fun would begin. As we crested the doorway, he started pulling off his jacket, but before he got very far I stopped him, smiling mischievously. I reached up and grabbed him by his dog tags, a symbol of a soldier, maybe even a warrior, but for the time being, it was my leash and he was to be my humiliation slave.

I pushed him to bend over the sofa, daring him to move… I walked around in front of him and slowly pulled up that fuck me red dress, to reveal his present; A 9 ½ inch strap on, and the look upon his face was priceless as I pushed the strap on up to his lips.

Here he was the image of masculinity, bent over and humiliated by his erotic humiliation phone sex Mistress.