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There are no secrets here. There is only you, Me, and the humiliation you crave and deserve. I'm not going to let you get away with being a whiny, cowardly little bitch in My presence. If you want My attention, I'm going to make you own up to everything that makes you an inadequate, disappointing excuse of a man. Go on. Make yourself fucking useful for once and speak, bitch. Start stuttering out all those embarrassing confessions and watch how it makes your pathetic cock twitch. I know you love it.

So what's your fucked up little issue? Do you have a tiny cock? I want to know exactly how small that little prick is so I can properly judge whether it belongs in slutty panties or a restrictive cage. Are you a closet cocksucker trying to use cuckolding as your gateway fetish? I happen to specialize in turning pussy-free bitches into cum guzzling whores. Feeling emasculated? Great, because you're better off becoming useful as a sissy maid scrubbing My floor on your knees. If you're good at it, I might allow the privilege of dressing you up as My bimbo slut for My friends to use for the night. Then again, maybe you're just a basic bitch who wants to lament about what a fucking loser you are in general, or your nasty habitual masturbation disorder- as if I care. That's when I'll start slapping those complaints right out of you so I can really give you something to cry about.

I'm going to invade every twisted little corner of your mind and draw out every vulnerability, every humiliating fantasy that you just can't escape from, and every debasing thought you ruminated on until you became a literal tear-jerker of an emotional masochist. There could be some really fun stuff in there for Me to play with. Then maybe, just maybe, I'll decide that you're entertaining enough to keep around.

As a multifaceted Humiliatrix, I enjoy venturing between the light and the dark- dependent, of course, on the severity of degradation you truly deserve. I'll either expect to be thoroughly amused so you can earn the privilege of hearing My musical laughter, or I'll expect you to endure the lashes of My devious tongue breaking down your psyche and soul until your ego ceases to exist. Make no mistake: your embarrassment and suffering are the only things offering you the opportunity to become remotely relevant in My world. It's time for you to learn how to please a Woman in the only way you'll ever be able to. I believe the words you're looking for are "Thank You, Mistress Hayden." See, that wasn't so hard, was it?



Humiliation Phone Sex (800) 730-3410



Why Humiliation Phone Sex Feels so Good

by Ms. Audrey of


Many humiliation phone sex callers worry about being ridiculed for their fetishes, but it’s the act of confessing that often causes the most humiliation. Some callers crave embarrassing assignments and homework to do on their own time. Others enjoy cuckolding roleplays, but the real humiliation happens when a Mistress uses your own desires against you, especially your desire for her.

Your neediness for her attention, your hopes to win your Mistress over are what make you so susceptible to humiliation. Aroused and vulnerable, you?’re too weak to fight back and have no choice but to submit…

Maybe you secretly wish to be feminized since your tiny dick can’t possibly satisfy a woman and a little {or a lot} of teasing about your microscopic dandelion makes it so hard! You’re so small that deep down you know you deserve to be locked up. Or maybe you’re a jerk off addict who dreams of serving your Mistress however she deems best. Perhaps it’s time to worship Mistress’ strap-on or submit as she coerces you to act out your deep dark fantasy of sucking cock.


Humiliation Phone Sex: More than 50 Shades of Erotic Humiliation


Did you know that there are many more than 50 shades of Erotic Humiliation, which do not include yelling, whips, chains and/or a harsh voice? In fact, an erotically charged sweet voice and soft knowing laugh are the very things that will lead you down the road of the most intense humiliation, otherwise known as erotic humiliation. A true Humiliatrix will understand that your secrets often go beyond what you?’re willing to confess.

Chances are you have an itty bitty little penis and can’t please a woman. Or perhaps you like dolling up in satin and lace thongs and are a secret cum eater. A Humiliatrix will know what you are by the way you stammer and avoid her gaze. Maybe you have a voice softly crooning in your head, “You’re a loser” over and over again. It won’t be long before you spill your secrets to your Mistress.

You realize that your Humiliation Phone Sex Mistress knows everything and you’re at her mercy, you’ll find that you? have an overwhelming desire to experience even deeper humiliation. It’s not necessarily what your Mistress says to you, but how truly addictive and narcotic her mocking cockteasing can be.


Humiliation Phone Sex: Sensual Humiliation or Hardcore Humiliation?


If you’ve tried sensual humiliation and it’s not enough and you need severe verbal humiliation, just ask. The sad thing is your Humiliation Phone Sex Mistress knows that nothing will make you want to jerk your pathetic little dick more than her contempt for you.

Once you admit that you’re dying to be humiliated by a beautiful Humiliation Phone Sex Mistress out of your league, you will come to the place where you love your own humiliated state because it feels so amazing. It?s been scientifically proven that the deepest sexual pleasure occurs when a person gives up conscious control and surrenders.

When you feel too weak to fight your impulses and open the floodgate of your dirty little secrets, that?’s when the deepest humiliation begins and you become addicted to an experience like no other…

Don’t you want to find out just how much erotic humiliation phone sex you can take?