An Exploration of Humiliation: A Husband’s Secret is Discovered


This is the story of a fun exploration of humiliation. Everyone has a point in their marriage where things get…dull. We all become so enmeshed in our day-to-day lives that we forget all about that raw passion and spark that brought us together long before marriage and career.

I know I spent years wondering how to break it to my spouse about the things that I was interested in; years of clearing internet cache after surfing femdom and male humiliation sites, years of posting on BDSM forums under a secret guise.

Don’t get me wrong, in many ways, my husband was naturally submissive. This was something that he never would have readily admitted to. He would never have told me of his secret desires that just so happened to coincide with my own kinky desires.

Lucky enough for me, he was not quite as careful as I was about hiding his dirty secret. For all intents and purposes, my husband was a brilliant man, for the most part, but just like most other men, when sexually aroused can be a bit…careless.


Exploration of Humiliation: Discovering Submissive Hubby’s Secret


One afternoon, I had arrived home significantly earlier than my husband, and after a long, relaxing hot bath and daydreaming of some erotic humiliation fantasies, I was quite worked up. I stepped out of the bath, toweling off myself, and wrapping the towel around my sexy body loosely before slipping into our study and settling down behind the computer.

As the screen came to life, I had to rub my eyes at what I was seeing on the screen. My husband had rushed out of the study, late for work this morning. I had thought him to be more scattered than normal but did not think much of it at the time.

Apparently, my naughty submissive husband had been seeking out erotic humiliation phone sex, and browsing the web for a humiliation fetish fix. How about that? We had both been hiding the exact same secret. That was when I glanced at the clock, seeing that it would only be another hour or so before he would return home.

I quickly set to getting myself dressed in a very sexy black mini-dress, matching pumps, and the pearls he had bought me for our fifth wedding anniversary. If it was a strict Mistress that Phillip wanted, then that is most definitely what he would be getting. I put on the finishing touches to my ensemble and made myself comfortable behind the computer, waiting on my husband to return from work.

I let him come in and get almost settled in as we bantered lightly about the day, the entire time he was looking at me with wonder in his eyes due to my stunning outfit. Finally, I smiled at him asking, “So, Phillip, what is this you have been looking at online, hmm?” Even though I saw a flash of fear in his eyes for a moment, he acted as if he had no idea what I could possibly be talking about.

He rounded the corner of the desk, looking at the screen and I watched as his jaw dropped. Not only did he see the website he frequented most often about sensual humiliation, but he also saw a mental image of himself, kneeling with the word “Loser” clearly written across his chest, while wearing a pair of my pink panties (just like a sissy boy).


Submissive Husband Gets His Erotic Humiliation Games


I took his hand firmly, drawing him closer to me and whispering into his ear, “Is this what you like, being a humiliated sissy slut?” He looked at me with wide eyes, as I jerked him down to his knees by his tie; his only response was to nod yes slowly in response. I could see how aroused he was already, his cock was bulging through his pants. I smiled at him with rouge-painted lips.

This is the point that I told him that his penance for hiding such a dirty secret, would be to engage me in a little game; a game of erotic humiliation. I told him that once the game had begun, any task that was uncompleted at the end of its timeline would warrant a punishment to be given by someone other than myself.

He was blushing from embarrassment, but could not control or hide his obvious sexual arousal at the idea of a humiliation game with his wife and femdom Mistress. He hesitantly agreed to my game as I clicked through page after page of his internet porn history, the images of humiliation and his dirty secret crumbling before his eyes must have made him too weak to argue at this point.

I explained to him that this game would last for a total of seven. Each task would give a one week window for completion, and failure to complete said task in that week would lead to a severe punishment that would be as humiliating as it would be painful. I told him that at the beginning of each week I would slip him a note with the instructions of his erotic humiliation task. The seven categories for this little game were:

• Secret Masturbation

• Expose and Dash

• Prolonged Exposure

• Public masturbation / Punishment

• Sex Slave for a week

Coerced Feminization

• Pushing the Limit


I gave him no further hint of what was to come, except for the name of the categories. He begged for me to have mercy and to allow him to mentally prepare for each task, but I denied him coldly, insisting that not knowing would only add to his sexual arousal. He would just have to wait till the game began to find out his fate after this exploration of humiliation.


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