An Exploration of Humiliation: The Game Begins


An exploration of humiliation: the game begins! Philip had, somewhat begrudgingly, decided to agree to the madness that was to ensue from this erotic humiliation game. He had stood before me, red with embarrassment and a rock-hard cock from just the thought of his femdom wife dominating him with erotic humiliation. There was no way that he could have hidden his level of excitement from me, not with his own body giving way his secret arousal to me. I instructed him that the game would start shortly, sliding him a note with the instructions written on it and telling him to wait to open it until after our guest had arrived, and at almost that exact moment the doorbell chimed, letting me know that the fun was about to begin.

I greeted our guest, an old friend of ours that I knew he had lusted over on more than one occasion. We all sat down for drinks and spent some time catching up, late into the night. At some point after midnight, I offered Julia a place to sleep for the night in a bedroom not far down the hall from our own bedroom. Before I had left to show Julia to her room, I had instructed my husband to read his first challenge.


1. Humiliation: the Game Begins- Secret Masturbation


During this challenge, he was to sneak into Julia’s room, wearing nothing but a bright pink thong, while she was asleep. This would be the easiest portion of the challenge after all. While watching Julia sleep, he was to jerk himself off under the thong until he had left a wet spot in those panties. He later told me of the humiliation he felt stroking himself as she slept, but how with her every movement he was filled with fear and sexual arousal like no other.

After he had practically run down the hall and jumped back into bed with me, eager to show me the wet spot on his panties like the sissy humiliation slave he had become, we made love like we never had before that night. As we fucked, I had him tell me every detail, emotion, everything about his erotic humiliation assignment for the day. The more he told me of his humiliation, the more aroused I got and the harder he fucked me.

The next morning we all sat at breakfast, my husband and I acting as nonchalant as possible. In the middle of some, I am sure, a riveting tale from college; I slipped my husband a note that detailed his next task since the last one was received with such sexual fervor. This second task would be a bit more risqué’, but was assured to humiliate him more than his previous task.


2. Expose and Dash


As my husband opened up the small piece of paper, his hands were already betraying his faux-calm attitude. This piece of paper read,

“Warning: Expose and Dash is for the erotic humiliation slave with true courage.

You are to completely expose yourself to Julia; She MUST see your cock, no fluffing, and no stuffing. You will be completely vulnerable and helpless, if even but for a moment.


Your Wife xxx “

I am sure that his head must have been awhirl as he read the words that I had written out so carefully with a bright red pen. Is this where he would call it quits or would this just be the beginning of his humiliation taste test?

He had been plotting all evening on how exactly he would expose himself to Julia, all by making it seem like a giant accident. He waited till I had settled down for the evening to read before bed. We could both hear her shuffling about in the laundry room and he looked at me as he stood up out of bed and stood there for a moment completely naked, and I knew that this was the time.

He slipped out of our room, still fully nude and I could hear his steps going down the hallway. There was a loud gasp from Julia as I assume, she saw my fully nude husband standing before her. He attempted a faux-apology and stumbled to make some conversation before excusing himself back into our room. He had never been so humiliated in his entire life, but I assume part of his humiliation stemmed from the raging hard-on that he was sporting.

He told me of how hard his cock had gotten, while he stood there talking to Julia naked and exposed as part of my erotic humiliation game. I could not believe what a strict mistress I had let myself become in only a few days. Again, I had him tell me of the humiliation he felt as he stood there exposed before Julia in true exhibitionist fashion, and we made love more passionately than the time before.

It was amazing how with just two simple tasks that our sex life had taken a turn for the MUCH better. He was finally getting the femdom Mistress that he had always desired to humiliate him and to please. I was finally getting to live out some of my most erotic humiliation fantasies and enjoying every moment of the power rush! This was only the beginning though, there would be so much more to explore and so many kinds of humiliation to explore and experience.


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