Bisexual Humiliation


This is a fun story about bisexual humiliation. Normally, when I play with my pets, it’s one-on-one. Yes, I do have my cuckold slaves, where there are two guys involved, but that’s really only one “player” – the cuck. The Bull is there for me, and while they may enjoy being sucked by my fluffer, that Bull isn’t really there for the cuckolding part.

And, on occasion, I have entertained couples, but she’s usually there so that I can show her how to dominate her submissive husband. But recently two of my submissive pets entertained me with some Bisexual Humiliation.

They each thought they were getting a solo session with me. Imagine their surprise when they both showed up at the same time! I made out like I’d made a mistake in my scheduling – which I didn’t, I had this all planned! – and told them I was going away for a couple of weeks, so if they didn’t want to do a joint session – well, then they’d have to wait.

And since I enforce strict chastity on my pets when they aren’t with me, that meant going 2 weeks – or more – without an orgasm! They were both willing to play. I started off by having each of them do a sexy strip tease for me. A bit humiliating, as they each had to bump and grind and even twerk in front of the other, but there was more to come!


Bisexual Humiliation: Once they were naked – It was on the pole they went


Yes, I have a stripper pole! I tied them up, and it was amusing to watch as they tried to position themselves so they weren’t touching – weren’t crossing swords! – but I’m an expert at knot work, and by the time I was finished, their hard throbbing cocks were rubbing up against each other! I made sure they wouldn’t move too much, by attaching nipple clamps to each of their nipples, clamps with very short chains attaching them.

If they tried to move, they’d have to choose between having their cocks rubbing against each other’s, or the pulling pain in their nipples! Then, I stood to the side of them, with a crop in either hand and began paddling their pale, white asses. As I cropped them, I noticed they were actually moving together, positioning their cocks – almost like their cocks were two blades of the same pair of scissors!


There was quite a puddle of pre-cum on the floor by the time their asses were red and hot.


I took them down from the pole and made them get on the floor in a 69 position. “You two obviously liked the feeling of cock, so I think you need to get the full experience. Why don’t you suck each other’s cocks while I watch.” The look of horror on each of their faces was priceless!

“Start sucking, or your chastity is going to last a very, very long time,” I sternly warned them. With a sigh of surrender, the sub on top, Slave J, lowered his head down and began licking sucking Slave T’s cock – and, now getting very, very horny, Slave T swallowed that rod before him. Talk about bisexual humiliation!


I heard some whining and some whimpering”¦but that was just music to my ears!


Slave T was getting close, and he took that cock out of his mouth long enough to beg me, “Please Ms. Christine, I’m going to cum if he doesn’t stop!”

“Well, you do want to cum, don’t you?” He moaned and nodded. “Well, stand up. Slave J, kneel in front of him.” I then reached down, took T’s cock in my hand, and began quickly stroking. Slave J looked up at me, panic on his face, “Ms. Christine, no! I did everything you asked!”

Yes, you did, my bi pet, ” I answered, as T shuddered, and the first streamer of cum landed on J’s nose, “which is why you’re going to get to fill his ass with your cum!”


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