Coerced Bi Humiliation


I bet you think you’ve been through every sort of erotic humiliation there is, don’t you? You probably think that because a woman laughed at your cock or made you get naked for her while she kept all her clothes on so that she could laugh at your dick some more, you’ve done all there is to do when it comes to being humiliated. But think again… You haven’t experienced coerced bi humiliation in its fullest yet.


See, there are a ton of ways that small penis humiliation can go. Verbal abuse and CFNM humiliation are really just the beginning.


Curious yet? You should be. Why not come and explore the world of erotic humiliation with me?


What Happens To A Man With A Small Penis?


If you come to me and tell me you’ve already dabbled in sensual humiliation, then I’m naturally going to take it a step farther. I do so love to push the envelope and small penis humiliation (SPH) gives me the perfect opportunity to do so.


First of all, you’re going to have to man up and tell me exactly how long–or short, rather–it is. What’s that? Three inches? Is that when it’s hard or soft? Oh, God, it’s three inches hard? This is going to be so much fun.


Well, now I’m going to need you to get naked and show me visual evidence. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be the same old, same old clothed female, naked male SPH scene. Oh, boy, you weren’t lying when you said it was three inches hard. It’s standing at full attention as we speak, and I can’t see it without putting my glasses on.


Not that I really want to see it, anyway. It’s kind of an affront to my eyes. Here, put these panties on and cover it up. Why? Well, I figure if what’s between your legs is clit-sized, you should cover it up with what’s normally used to cover clits and pussies. Now, be a good panty boy and shut up and do what you’re told.


Now look at that. It looks better already!


SPH Panty Boy’s Ultimate Humiliation


How do you like those panties? They feel good, don’t they? They hold that little clitty of yours in place so much better than that boy underwear you came in here wearing. The panties are tight enough to to keep it in place. Boy underwear is cut for much better-endowed men, so your little clit must’ve felt like it was bouncing around completely lost in them! Since panties fit you so much better, I think you’ll wear them all the time now. They’ll be much more comfortable for you.


Well, now that you’re dressed like a girl and hung like one, too, we may as well treat you like one. Do you know what it means to be treated like a girl? It means you’re about to learn the art of sucking cock.


It just so happens that I have a wonderful male friend in the next room. Will you open the door and let him in please? Thank you. Oh, and don’t tremble so much. It’s coerced cocksucking and coerced bi humiliation, not a march to face the firing squad.


Mmm, lead my friend over here and get down on your knees. I’ll pull his big dick out while you get adjusted. Yes, very good. See how big it is? This is what a real man’s cock looks like. And you know what? Real men just happen to love “girls” wearing nothing but panties. It makes them want to fuck! So you better get him off with your mouth, or he may decide to flip you over, pull those panties you’re wearing to the side, and fuck your little “pussy!”


The only thing more humiliating than seeing a cock that’s superior to yours is having it in your mouth, isn’t it? Oh, I know it makes you gag. But don’t stop. You’re doing such a good job! Before long, you’ll be swallowing his cum.


See? I told you humiliation could get much more intense. It doesn’t get much worse than coerced bi humiliation…and that’s why I love inflicting it on you so much.


When Your Humiliation Mistress Wants To Humiliate You, Nothing Is Better Than Coerced Bi Humiliation!