Cum Eating Humiliation


You enjoy cum eating, don’t you? You’re a closet cum eater. Whether you actually follow through with it and eat your cum, or not, you’re still a closet cum eater. Why does it excite you so much? It would humiliate and embarrass the living daylights out of you to actually have to tell somebody you fantasize about it. Worse yet, what if you actually got the balls to try eating your cum and your wife or girlfriend walked in on you just as you were lapping it off your fingers?

Uh-oh. That did it. Shot your wad of cum up over your belly and onto your chest with a force you hadn’t thought possible. The minute you started thinking about someone finding out, about your significant other walking in and catching you licking that hot, gooey cream off your fingers, you blew your wad.

Why on earth would something so utterly humiliating, something so demeaning and emasculating that you can’t even believe you fantasize about it, excite you so fucking much? You keep thinking to yourself you must be a crazy kink freak or something. After all, what man in his right mind would get his rocks off that way?


Cum Eating: You Are Not Alone


Does it shock you to know that nearly all men fantasize about cum eating at one time or another, and a good chunk of men have actually tasted their own cum. Some are even self-proclaimed “cum sluts.” Others have eaten their own cum as a precursor to sucking another man’s cock; something else nearly all men have fantasized about, yet few would openly admit.

Don’t deny it. I know damn well you’ve fantasized about it too. All women know it. And men keep denying it so vehemently that it confirms the fact that they fantasize about it. Most men want to keep these “dirty little secrets” to themselves as fodder for their masturbation sessions.

Truth is, just like many other fantasies, eating your own cum or sucking cock may be something you never want to even consider in reality, yet in the heat of the moment, at the height of your sexual arousal, the thought of doing something so humiliating in front of your spouse perhaps even in front of your neighbors or coworkers excites you so much it takes all the self-control you can muster to keep from shooting early! And you know what? You are not alone.


Taboo is Exciting


Anything forbidden is exciting. Think about it. If somebody tells us NOT to do something, it makes us want to do it, even if we might not have given it much thought until they told us NOT to. It’s the same thing with our fantasies. If it was something we could easily do, something that in fact, we were encouraged to do, we wouldn’t give it a second thought.

It certainly wouldn’t be something we fantasized about. Part of what compels us to do things when we know we aren’t supposed to is the thrill of being naughty. And so it goes for fantasies.

Eating cum is naughty. Sucking cock is naughty. Neither of those things are topics that would be up for discussion at the office water cooler or at the dinner table. No self-respecting man would bring up the fact that he wants to eat cum or suck cock for fear of being called gay and laughed at, of being made the fool. And yet- that’s exactly why the fantasy is so thrilling.

Not only is it exciting to fantasize about doing something so taboo as eating cum or sucking cock, but to actually get caught doing it by someone important to us, that’s humiliating and exhilarating all at the same time!