Delivery Boy’s Descent Into Humiliation Slavery part I


I can’t wait to tell you about my delivery boy’s decent into humiliation slavery!

I have been “getting off” on humiliating people my entire life if you wanted me to be completely honest. I have no real discriminatory qualifications for whom it is that I want to humiliate; some are simply easier victims of humiliation than others.

Humiliation is tied to a plethora of human emotions that are often very conflicting emotions when experienced in conjunction with each other. This is what makes my life as a humiliation Mistress all the more interesting. I am basically toying with the emotional and sexual arousal of a slave merely for my own twisted amusement.

I have spent years investigating the psychology of humiliation so that I could become the most effective humilatrix possible, but how did I stumble upon this journey? Like I said before, I had always gotten a power rush from humiliating those around me, from crushing them in a battle of wits to honing in on their flaws. There was something about the squirming, the staggering and stumbling over words and feet, the quiver in their voice when humiliated that made me tingle deep inside. I was always craving to push someone further, but never really had the proper outlet. That is until one unexpected day…


A Beautiful Humiliatrix


First, let me tell you just a bit about myself. I am a 32 year old, single, career focused woman. I micro-manage my employees and crush the competition around me. I am as charismatic as I am beautiful and seductive. I am every man’s fantasy, but at the same time I am the woman who intimidates every man that enters my office and home. Others have told me that once one has met me, that he/she could not help but to be overcome with a desire to follow any command that slips from my luscious lips.

It was nothing special to have a new delivery boy coming tentatively into my office to deliver a package; however, there was something particularly special about this day and this boy who was to become known to me as my first real step into becoming a humiliation Mistress.

I was sitting in my office, buried under a mountain of paperwork and deadlines when this shy little delivery boy squeaked my name tentatively around the corner of my half open door. Without even looking up, I motioned for him to come in, knowing that I would have to sign off on whatever today’s delivery was. I could barely even hear his footsteps as he crossed the room, with a package that appeared to be almost too heavy for his small frame to handle. I purposefully ignored him for a few minutes, noticing out of the corner of my eye that he is struggling to hold the package with both of his feeble arms shaking under its weight. A quiet giggle even slipped my smirking lips as I pretended to be too busy to deal with him while he stood there humiliated and trying to be patient.


Humiliating The Submissive Delivery Boy into Slavery


After a few minutes he stammered, “M-m-miss? C-c-could you at least tell me. . .” but I put my hand up, stopping him as if he had just interrupted some important task. I could tell he was blushing as he stood there, noticeably too weak to even maintain the weight of the box. Suddenly, I hear a loud thud as he half drops the box to the floor next to my door. I look up with a start, a stern look across my face as I look at the box. As my eyes travel up to meet his, which were full of fear and humiliation, my face had turned to a much more stern and cold look.

There was faux-fury in my voice as I spat at him, “YOU FOOL! You can’t even perform as simple a task as waiting for a few moments while I finished up a few things?” I could tell that he was completely humiliated at his own shortcomings. This is when I noticed that this poor pathetic delivery boy had a massive hard on that was impossible for him to hide.

He had simply been attempting to perform his job that day, perhaps it was not his fault that he was extraordinarily weak, both physically and mentally. Then again who could resist a beautiful and powerful woman, especially after making a fool of themselves. Once you have become unable to resist your sexual arousal allowing your hard cock to give away your secret you are a verbal humiliation slave. You CRAVE erotic humiliation by a sensual and strict Mistress.

This was just the beginning of the day when a simple delivery boy was transformed into humiliation slavery.


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