Delivery Boy’s Descent Into Humiliation Slavery part II


A continuation of “Delivery Boy’s Decent into Humiliation Slavery…”

I knew that I had the upper hand already in this situation as I stared at this once innocent delivery boy. He couldn’t have been more than 5`5″ , 165 lbs, brown hair, and light blue eyes. God, he was so weak, and it only added fuel to the fire of how powerful I felt. He stood there frozen like a statue.

I am sure that he was at least somewhat confused by his sexual arousal in response to his humiliation. He had no clue what was to come through. He was about to become another experiment in my attempts at erotic humiliation. His mind must have been racing, but he had no idea how to react; he knew I had noticed his erection already. What could he do at this point?

He couldn’t leave without a signature, and I certainly wasn’t letting this weak little thing slip through my fingers. I pondered exactly how far I could push this as I stood up, walking slowly and deliberately to the door, shutting and locking it. He turned with a start toward the Goddess that was soon to become his humiliation Mistress. I just smiled at him, not breaking eye contact until he averted his eyes to the floor as I slowly closed all the blinds to my office.

“What ever shall I do with someone with such little respect for the things of others?” I cooed seductively into his ear, sending cold chills up and down his spine. He had no response as I walked around him and slid up to sit on the edge of my desk, crossing my legs slowly and looking deep into his eyes.

He had no idea the mischievous thoughts racing through my mind as I looked at him there, quivering before me. I sat there silently, letting his anxiety build as I decided exactly what to do with him.


Delivery Boy Experiences CFNM as Humiliation Slavery


I told him to strip quickly before me, so as to show me “what he was hiding under that uniform.” He blushed, but stripped hastily, handing me each piece of his clothing, which I intended on holding hostage. This is where he became subject to a lesser-known humiliation fetish, CFNM , or clothed female naked male.

This is an effective way to take away any pride or thoughts of pride the humiliation slave may have been clinging hopelessly to. This is when I told him to kneel, sliding off the desk and walking over to a file cabinet where I locked away his old uniform and pulled out a bright pink lingerie set.

He was about to succumb to my sissy humiliation as well as other things, such as SPH. His dick may have been hard, but it definitely was not enough for a size queen such as myself. Of course, in the very back of my mind, I had thoughts of dirty, kinky cuckold humiliation running rampant for the future someday. I smiled as I looked at my new erotic humiliation slave as he kneeled before me in the pink lingerie set, before snapping a quick picture for my scrapbook of humiliation.


Strap On Humiliation For The Delivery Boy


The next surprise I had for him, as his cock grew harder and harder, was to teach him a few things about being a coerced cock sucking slave. This is when I pulled out my favorite toy, a nice big strap on. Most men find it hard to submit to strap on humiliation, with their slutty lips wrapped tightly around a big fat strap on of their strict Mistress.

I motioned for my new slut to come over and giggled as he begrudgingly wrapped his lips around my hard strap on and let himself be subjected to just the beginning of my evil humiliation for him. He could not deny such a gorgeous and sexy sensual femdom her kinky erotic humiliation desires.

I know that you are hungry for humiliation and every humiliation phone sex fantasy is unique. It takes a true humiliation artist, a femdom that adores the power rush from phone humiliation to truly guide you toward an intense orgasm. Humiliation phone sex is just an elaborate form of kinky foreplay for the humiliation slave and his humiliatrix mistress.

The feelings of sexual arousal and erotic humiliation force all of your senses into overdrive. No matter how your strict mistress pushes you over the edge during humiliation phone sex, you will know no other feeling of sexual relief that is compared to this sexual role play.

Just like the unsuspecting delivery boy, you are assured to have a unique erotic humiliation experience with any of our strict mistresses.


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