You Like Erotic Humiliation, But You Don’t Have a Small Penis….


There are some misconceptions among those who are just starting to enjoy the art of erotic humiliation. One of the biggest misconceptions is that a man who enjoys being humiliated always has a small penis.

To be sexy and effective, humiliation must be personal. If you tell a well endowed humiliation-lover that he is a “pindick”, “Pencil prick”, or that his penis is “pathetic”, you are not going to effectively humiliate him.

The key to effectively providing erotic humiliation is to ask many questions. For instance:

Why does the erotic humiliation fan need or want to be humiliated?
What is it about himself that makes him respond to erotic humiliation?
What kinds of things does he not enjoy talking about when it comes to humiliation?

If your lover isn’t sure exactly what he wants to be humiliated about, it may be one (or more) of the following:

  • He may enjoy doing humiliating things in public, such as purchasing or wearing women’s panties or clothes, purchasing women’s sanitary products, purchasing adult diapers, or generally making a fool of himself in public
  • He may enjoy being humiliated about the fact that he is a chronic masturbator, or about the fact that his fantasies are “extra-perverted”
  • He may enjoy being humiliated about the fact that he has fantasies (or actual experiences) with other men
  • He may enjoy being humiliated because of the way he looks, because he is a virgin, because he is very shy with women, because he is not a successful man, etc.

Many of the things that men enjoy being erotically humiliated about stem from real insecurities he has. If he can share an erotic moment with another person based around those insecurities, then those insecurities become a bit more tolerable (this is discussed at greater length in our essay Why Do Some People Enjoy Erotic Humiliation?).

When you’re playing with erotic humiliation, remember this. It is not always about a small penis. And you show grow your vocabulary beyond “pathetic” and “loser”. The more personal the erotic humiliation, the more enjoyable, erotic, arousing and effective it will be.


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