CFNM: Erotically Humiliating

Clothed Female/Naked Male (CFNM) Humiliation Fetish: A Humiliation Fetish Exploration

Series by Miz Ava


The concept of CFNM can be difficult for some to understand. One would assume, based on the amount of scantily clad women paraded across the tv/silver screen, magazine lay-outs, music videos and media that men are only interested in women whose naked bodies are on display.

While it’s true that viewing the naked female body certainly delights men and women alike, there is a growing phenomenon of males who are even more turned on by being in the presence of a clothed female while the man is completely nude.


CFNM Humiliation: Aroused and Vulnerable


CFNM (clothed female/naked male) humiliation places the man in an erotically vulnerable position. Men who enjoy engaging in such encounters claim to become increasingly aroused when they are naked, exposed and unguarded in the presence of a fully clothed, confident and dominant woman. While many times these scenarios locate the naked male performing sexual acts and humiliating tasks in front of the female, this is not a requirement for the CFNM fetish to effectively stimulate the persons involved in the exchange.

Naked men in these circumstances are often inspected or comment on by the dominant woman. Some men particularly find it most arousing to be forced by the female to do sexually humiliating activities while she observes, such as being made to masturbate or use a dildo or other sex toy on themselves in front of the woman or a group of women. There is no indication or promise that the woman or women will take off their own clothes at any time and this contrast serves to heighten the erotic piece in this humiliating scene.

Sometimes the naked male is made to serve as “furniture” or an object of art to be admired. Other men enjoy presenting themselves in the nude on a webcam for an anonymous female who directs him to strip, show his naked body and humiliate himself while she sits comfortably and clothed on the other side of the computer screen.

Why would a man want to be placed in an apparent “compromising position” such as a CFNM situation?


The Naked Male: Perfectly Submissive


Behind the seemingly embarrassing element of being in your birthday suit in front of a clothed woman or the only naked person on display in a room full of clothed people, there is an interesting dynamic at play here. A male in such a vulnerable state provides a prime opportunity for the female to dominate and control his body and direct him to satisfy her whims, thus increasing feelings of submission and surrendering of his physical and mental self.

Even in a situation where the naked male does not know the woman or women very well, surrendering his body in this way works in tandem to make mental/cognitive submission more attainable. Think about it-being naked generally makes people feel defenseless and exposed. When those feelings are capitalized, domination and submission fall into place rather effortlessly.


CFNM Humiliation and Objectification


Humiliation of this type works well in that the sense of objectification of the male is heightened. Objectification is the kissing cousin of humiliation. Furthermore, when the male is treated as a mere object, he doesn’t have to think about that project or meeting at work that he’s dreading, the family birthday party he has to attend next Tuesday or the midterm exam lurking around the corner.

He doesn’t have to think about anything at all, other than being the woman’s object of amusement at that moment. He is exempt from making decisions, exempt from having a choice in the matter at all; he is there only to say “yes”to the woman. There is much more going on underneath the surface of humiliation and objectification than one would initially perceive.


Clothed Female Naked Male and Exhibitionism


Additionally, CFNM humiliation can work well to provide a sexual charge for the man. Even if the clothed woman doesn’t lay a finger on him, there is the exhibitionism element in this type of play. He is on display, an object to be preened over and inspected. He is aroused by showing his naked body off and receiving attention for it.

The woman or women are looking at him, perhaps touching him, using him for whatever suits their mood or need. It can be quite a heady feeling to get such attention by a beautiful woman who is completely in control of the situation. CFNM most certainly appeals to the exhibitionist male population.

Conversely, this very type of attention can work in the opposite way for a more conservative male. Again, this is where the humiliation and embarrassment factor into a CFNM exchange. Being stared at or commented on by clothed ladies while walking around naked easily can become embarrassing for those shyer types who cringe at the notion of being the center of attention.

It clearly all depends on the personalities involved as to the degree of humiliation that can be drawn upon in these scenarios. Humiliation is always a relative and individual thing.


CFNM and the Female: What do the girls get out of it?


What about the women who enjoy being a part of the CFNM equation? Are they simply perverted or some type of voyeur? Perhaps there is a grain of truth in that sort of hypothesis, but that seems rather superficial. Women involved in this humiliation fetish typically are characterized as being dominant, enjoy being in control of others and thrive on choreographing situations and events. S

ome females also find it quite erotic to “turn the tables”, so to speak, and place the male in the role of sex object. It can often become a source of empowerment and probably calls to those somewhat sadistic types who have always longed to watch a man squirm and blush when he is made to feel objectified. Treating a male like a “thing” can be just as much of a liberating experience for the woman as it is for the man.

Keep in mind that objectification through the CFNM fetish need not be done in a cruel or vindictive fashion or mindset in order to be humiliating. One can actually learn something about the art of humility and being humbled through the discipline it takes to remain naked and on display for no other reason than to serve the female who desires to have a nude male serve her own needs and agenda.

Who knew that such humiliation fetishes could be so enlightening?


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