Everyone Gets the Humiliation They Deserve


It’s true; everyone gets the humiliation they deserve! It seems that every loser’s credo is “Life isn’t fair.” Whether you’re a jealous cuckold, under-endowed pindick, or prissy sissy bitch, you’ve likely whined about how life isn’t fair to men like you. Here’s a harsh dose of reality: your inadequacies landed you here. You have no one to blame but yourself.

There is a social hierarchy in the male world. At the top, you have the high-achieving, woman-scoring alpha males. While most men have delusional aspirations of reaching the top of the male totem pole, only few can actually achieve that status. The remainder sort themselves accordingly, and those at the bottom receive the harshest ridicule. Life is perfectly fair, you see; it rewards the winners, and it punishes the losers. Be thankful for that; if it weren’t for humiliation, you wouldn’t get any attention at all.


Everyone Gets the Humiliation they Deserve! Your Humiliation is My Amusement


Needless to say, your chances of pleasing a woman sexually are nonexistent. Fortunately for you, you can be useful in other ways. Your embarrassment is a great source of entertainment and amusement for your Humiliatrix. Since you’ll never make me moan, the best you can hope for is making me laugh.

I love laughing at men like you. Crushing your ego and watching your face contort with humiliation is a personal hobby, and it’s one at which I’m quite adept. You deserve my no-holds-barred verbal debasement. After all, what else are you good for?


What Kind of Humiliation Will You Endure?


We’ve already determined that you deserve every ounce of ridicule thrown your way; next, we have to pinpoint why. Are you a pindick loser whose worth is equal to the length of your cock? Then you deserve small penis humiliation as your Mistress giggles at the itty bitty clitty between your legs. Are you a cuckold who sleeps in bed alone at night? Then you deserve cuckold humiliation as your hot wife leaves you home alone to fuck well-endowed studs.

Are you a frilly sissy who masquerades as a man? Then you deserve feminization humiliation as your Mistresses dresses you as her very own porcelain doll. Or perhaps you are simply a slave who is self-aware of his own inferiority? Then you deserve to be humiliated by a superior woman in any way she deems fit.


Surrender Your Ego to a Skilled Humiliatrix


When you submit to a humiliation session with your Mistress, prepare for a mindfuck that will leave you mentally bruised, dazed, and already craving more. True humiliation cuts deep, stirring up all of the vexing thoughts in the back of your head and bringing them to the forefront of your mind as full-blown obsessions. A proper mindfuck does exactly that; it unearths your deepest insecurities and turns them into your worst nightmare. So, drop that veneer of manhood and respectability and let your Humiliatrix tell you what you really are.

Are you ready to be brought down a peg? We’ll take you all the way to the bottom rung.