Female Supremacy & Humiliation

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Female Supremacy & Humiliation


The sooner you realize that Female Supremacy & Humiliation play are perfect bedfellows, the easier your life will become.

Most of the people into female domination are not aware is that female dominance is much older than they think. Even if the 20 and 21st century is the age where women started getting their rights to vote, serve military and fight for advancement in modern society, it is totally wrong to believe that the upgrowth of female domination started recently.

On the contrary. According to Wikipedia and Other Historical Sources and Documents, A number of societies through history were indeed based on the power of women.

This type of social system is called Matriarchy. If you are into studying of world history, you already know that archaic matriarchy is registered in prehistory. There is a vast number of scientific works and books covering this subject. In short, societies, where women rule and control everything, is registered through history in Europe( record about nations of Sirones had the women as the ruling sex), Asia (Burma and Kayan people), China (Mosuo culture near Tibet),India (Manipur society), Indonesia (Minangkabau people), or Vietnam.


Female Supremacy & Humiliation / Female Led Relationships


In a household setting and domestic front, when in a female led relationship, a submissive and even subservient husband may feel the sting of humiliation to various degrees – he may even become a sissy and the so called “bitch” of the relationship


Femdom Supremacy Humiliation Via A Cuckold Lifestyle 


In my domination practice, I’ve seen it a LOT. Many of the couples I work with on a regular basis, are in this type of set up – The Wife is the Alpha in this relationship, and even though people mileage may vary, you see a different degrees of this lifestyle in female supremacy and humiliations, because the cuckold lifestyle is a PERFECT example of them both.

The husband/boyfriend/partner is regarded as a beta male and the superior wife takes many lovers, who are studs and bulls and have formidable abilities to satisfy her in a way her humiliated submissive beta partner never can.

Many times the beta male will be made to watch and do ‘bedroom duties’ such as fluffing and “pussy janitor” cleaning, he will be in a chestity cage, in panties and be subjected to various humiliations in that context.


Femdom Supremacy Humiliation Via Sissification 


With or without the cuckolding aspect or in addition to it, an alpha female can also humiliate and dominate her husband/partner/boyfriend by feminizing him and applying the sissification protocol on their daily lives, he will be wearing female panties, clothing, doing household chores, catering to his wife needs and taking various submissives roles whilst the Female Rules Supreme over the household and lifestyle of said couple.

One of my couples are in such a setup and the husband is constantly being paraded infront of the wife friends and co workers in sissy clothing, french maid outfits and serves drinks at parties, and even being sent to clean their houses on occasion.

What a perfect way sissification subjects the husband to both Female Supremacy and Humiliation!


Femdom Supremacy Humiliation Via SPH


Femdom Supremacy Humiliation Via SPH – Small Penis Humiliation is certainly a prominent facet Humiliation based Femdom – There is NOTHING more emasculating to a men than being born with a pathetic small penis and it is absolutely scathing, humiliating and devastating to know that SIZE. DOES. MATTER. and THERE IS NOTHING he can really do about his situation,.

Even the most successful and handsome of men, if born with a tiny pathetic dicky, (also known in it’s True Name – a Sissy Clitty) will always know that a Superior Female may use him for his status and may mary him, but the truth remain, he will always be inferior and she will always regard him as such and humiliate him in various ways for his insufficiencies.


Femdom Supremacy Humiliation In BDSM Practice 


From Discipline Spankings, to Bondage, Collars, leashes, Cock Cages, Cock Control and of course pegging, strap ons, butt plugs, CBT, Female Body Worship, and other manners of physical punishments by a Superior Female, = all the evil and delicious ways a BDSM Practicing Superior female can apply on her submissive and inferior male partner, are firmly based in his humiliation and subjection of such..

A Submissive Male will learn to bear all the acts His Superior Female and Goddess may decide to administer in order to keep him in line, and he will worship and thank her for it.


Female Supremacy & Humiliation
From the Work Place To Your Homelife


Any way you look at Female Superiority and Humiliation, it is universally evident in every aspect of life, from work, to home, us strong superior females are UBIQUITOUS and we make the world better for it.

Males are meant to be controlled because men are always slave to their base needs, and always seeking female guidance and approval. Women will ALWAYS control the sex aspect of a relationship and we utilize our great power of superiority in every way we see fit.

No matter your feeble male imagenings that you have any sort of power in relationships, you know very well that True Female Superiority is where the real power lies, so might as well join the multitude of submissive men that learn to enjoy it and reap it’s many benefits.

In the Words of The Borg – Resistance Is Futile. You will be Assimilated.

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