Humiliation and Objectification: My Life as a Foot Stool


My name is Alex and I am a submissive who loves humiliation and objectification. I have been with my Mistress for better than 10 years now and as her slave have been made to do all sorts of demeaning, degrading, and humiliating tasks. One of the things I do most often for her has become human furniture. I have been made to get on my hands and knees and hold a tabletop on my back, serving as a coffee table for hours on end.

I have been made to be a chair for her, where she will sit and read a book and relax for hours. My favorite, and the thing I do most often, is become a foot stool. Every waking moment when I am not working, I am down on my hands and knees, naked, in front of her chair, whether she’s there or not, as human furniture. In this role, I am nothing. I am an object. Not human. Not a person with feelings and emotions. A pure and simple object.

I derive great pleasure from the humiliation of being nothing more than a piece of furniture for her. Being expected to hold the weight of her crossed legs on my back while she’s watching television for hours at a time is an incredibly erotic experience for me.

I get especially excited when she invites friends over and they see me on my hands and knees, naked, acting as a foot stool, but they say nothing. They say nothing, because she says nothing. To acknowledge that I am there is to acknowledge that I am more than a mere object and the entire purpose for me being human furniture is lost.


Human Furniture as Bondage


The act of becoming human furniture is known as forniphilia and is a type of bondage. Sometimes the slave’s wrists and legs are bound and mouth gagged; other times, there are no physical restraints on the submissive. This is a form of emotional bondage, coupled with the humiliation of objectification, that serves to degrade the submissive until they no longer feel worthy of the basic human interaction.

It is common in forniphilia for the submissive to be bound and serve as part of a piece of furniture. For example, as the pedestal for a coffee table, as a cushion for an actual chair, binding the slave’s arms and legs to the arms and legs of the chair. Other forms of forniphilia include being a carpet to be walked on, a mattress, a coffee table, a coat rack, etc.

The possibilities for humiliation and objectification are endless. Just remember, the whole purpose of objectification is to strip away the human factor; to treat the slave as you would any other inanimate object. The lack of acknowledgment from the much more superior dominant serves to further degrade the submissive, sending a charge of sexual excitement pulsing through his blood.


A Word of Caution about Humiliation and Objectification


A word of caution to those interested in trying objectification and becoming human furniture for the first time: serving as furniture requires great stamina and skill and is something that usually requires prior training to build up to the point of being able to hold the expected pose for hours on end.

With a little patience from the dominant, lots of role play practice, and great discipline, the slave can train to reach the desired flexibility or strength level and the amount of sheer stamina necessary. Remember too, that this type of humiliation evokes strong and powerful emotion within the submissive, which may cause a lack of focus, if not prepared for it and trained to deal with it.