Humiliation Of A Male Chastity Slave


Have you ever wondered how to humiliate a male chastity slave? I’m sure there are lots of ways, but I’d like to tell you about my experience with it.

Some might argue that being locked in chastity is a humiliating enough experience in and of itself, and I will agree with that to some extent. Being locked in chastity usually means that your cock is so useless and insignificant to your Femdom Mistress that she’d rather lock it away and forget about it, rather than having the headache of dealing with it. But there are still other ways to humiliate a chastity slave–ways that tend to magnify the embarrassment of having a worthless, chaste dick!

A good example of this is a situation I put my own chastity slave in last week. He was incredibly humiliated by what I did to him…and incredibly aroused, of course, little humiliation slut that he is.


Fun for My Male Chastity Slave


Despite being kept in chastity for a good while, my slave still hasn’t quite accepted it as his lot in life. He still imagines that I’ll eventually give in and let him fuck me. He justifies this by telling himself “Mistress isn’t fucking anyone else right now, so I’m the most likely candidate.” There’s a huge flaw in that reasoning, but he hasn’t quite realized it yet.

So I decided to drive this little point home by taking him to a swingers’ party. I haven’t been actively involved in the swingers’ lifestyle in years, but I still have several friends who participate, so it wasn’t hard to finagle an invitation.

Let me just stop here for a moment and point out that this bit of erotic humiliation was not meant to be a cuckold fantasy. I mean, I suppose it was, in a sense, but that was hardly the aim of the whole thing. I was going for something a little bit more cerebral than “Hey, slave boy, how about you watch all these different men put their cocks in me!”

Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you about what happened at the swingers’ club. Slave boy thought for a moment that I was going to let him out of his chastity hell for the night so he could have his fun. I’ll pause for a moment to let you stop laughing….See? You’re smarter than he is, bless his silly little heart.


Erotic Humiliation At The Swingers’ Party


My male chastity slave was awfully disappointed to find out that his cock wasn’t going to be unlocked for this party. Nor was I planning on putting him on display at the beginning before everyone else got naked, so it wasn’t about CFNM humiliation, either. I think he wasn’t really sure what to expect, to be honest.

When we arrived at the swingers’ party, we did the normal small talk thing. Everyone was still clothed at that point, but it wasn’t long before people started stripping. I’d given my slave boy free rein to do whatever he wanted that night. Too bad there wasn’t a lot he could do because of the chastity device, but he was given permission.

He’s a fairly attractive slave boy, so a couple of women took interest. I watched, amused. I, of course, engaged with a few men as well, but I kept my eye on my slave. When people started getting naked, I could tell he felt awkward. The ladies were encouraging him to remove his clothes. He readily rid himself of his shirt, but once that was gone, he wasn’t sure what to do next. What was worse, being the only idiot at the swingers’ party still mostly dressed, or revealing to everyone there that you were in chastity?

Such was slave boy’s dilemma, and such was what I was going for the whole time. I wanted to see the inner conflict of him wrestling with two very humiliating options. Eventually, the persuasive women won out, and he stripped naked. It was as if everyone in the room stopped and looked at him. There he was–a male kept in chastity at a swingers’ party. Everyone–and I do mean everyone–laughed, and much tease and denial ensued.

Poor slave boy. Let it not be said that this Humiliatrix doesn’t know how to inflict the worst of humiliations on slaves.