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Humiliation’s Sweet Sting


Have you ever experienced humiliation’s sweet sting? Tell me, have you ever sat (or lied) down and wondered what is that recipe that gives verbal humliation its wonderfully poignant sting?

It begins with the craving to expose to that special Mistress your unique vulnerabilities—those places of inadequacy inside of you that you feel the need to hide from others. Even as you read this, you are probably nodding in agreement and thinking of what that simple sentence means to you.

Why is Something so Fearful so Exciting?

Yet, where you fear others will look at you perhaps with a sense of disdain, you seek that empathetic Phone Sex Mistress who will not only acknowledge what you feel are your failings, she will raise them to the surface. As you beg for permission to tell them to her, she will then grind them back into you with the ridicule you so desire while making it safe to feel.

Maybe it is feeling you have an U.F.O. between your legs (unidentifiable floppy object). Maybe it is needing to be instructed on how to cum since you’re incapable of doing it right by yourself. Maybe it is a sense of inferiority to a superior Woman because she knows how ill-equipped you are to satisfy her like a real man could.

Whatever it may be, you long to feel her voice genuinely echoing what you need to tell her about yourself. Even now, it would hardly be a surprised if you were imagining those reassuring mocking tones putting you in the place you know you deserve to be yet accepting you for it. And that is what you yearn for, isn’t it? Her acceptance. Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

Did you enjoy reading about humiliation’s sweet sting?

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