I Love Humiliation! Is That Okay?


“I love humiliation… is that okay?” We Femdom Mistresses hear this a lot.

A very common question among men who are just discovering their interest in erotic humiliation is “Is there something wrong with me for liking to be humiliated by a Mistress?”

The answer, of course, is a very emphatic NO!. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying humiliation. In fact, it’s actually more common than you’d think. For example, how many men like being told by their partners that they’re very naughty boys or that they’re sluts? A good many, right? Well, that’s a very mild form of verbal humiliation!

As with all things, there are some people who are happy with just a very little bit of humiliation. Others need to go a little farther to get the same kind of thrill from it, and still others crave the most abject humiliation one can imagine.


There Is Nothing Wrong With Any Of Your Humiliation Desires


“Why do I love humiliation?” Often, the desire to be humiliated arises from a submissive nature, but that is not always the case. You can read more about why men enjoy being humiliated in The Psychology Of Humiliation. No matter why you may choose to incorporate humiliation into your sexual fantasies, though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

It does not make you a weirdo or a freak, and it most certainly doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you mentally. It simply means that you’re open-minded and get off on being very vulnerable to your partner.

So if you like humiliation, does it mean you’re going to seek out humiliation in your daily life? For example, would you intentionally do something to embarrass yourself in front of your co-workers, so you can get off on it? Probably not.

While it’s true that everyday life presents a number of opportunities for a humiliation enthusiast to be humiliated, the fact is that they probably won’t be very exciting. It’s called “erotic” humiliation for a reason! Normal, humdrum humiliation scenarios that can be found in one’s regular life aren’t likely to do much for your erotic humiliation fetish.


Why do I Love Humiliation with a Phone Humiliatrix?


Ok, so enjoying humiliation is ok. Now, why would a man choose phone humiliation over other options for humiliation?

Well, the truth is that stepping into the world of sensual humiliation can be daunting for many men, especially if they’re submissive men. They may not know where to find a dominant Mistress with whom they can indulge all their humiliation fantasies.

In this day and age, if you don’t know where to find something, where’s the first place you go to find it? Why, the Internet, of course! A quick perusal of erotic humiliation websites online often leads a man to a phone sex Femdom site.

Once he finds a humiliation phone sex site, why would a man choose to indulge his fantasy this way?

Generally, sites like Humiliation Calls have many different Mistresses to appeal to many different tastes. Men can find a wide variety of ladies in one place, so they should easily be able to find someone whose interests overlap with theirs.

Additionally, phone humiliation is a far less threatening way for a man to explore these new fantasies of his. If he’s nervous about them or a little ashamed of himself, choosing a phone humiliation session allows him to try out these fantasies without having to worry about “saving face.”


What Kinds Of Humiliation Can I Enjoy With A Femdom?


Humiliation phone sex allows you to explore fantasies that may be impractical to indulge in real life. Thus, playing with a phone Humiliatrix opens many different avenues for you when it comes to the types of humiliation you can experiment with.

One form of humiliation that seems to be a favorite of male submissives is small penis humiliation. This particular flavor lends itself well to the phone sessions as it’s a very potent type of verbal humiliation. It doesn’t require anything special to do, either…nothing but a small cock and a Humiliatrix who’s ready, willing, and able to laugh at you for it!

Small cock humiliation goes along very well with other fantasies like sissy phone sex and cuckold phone sex. A sissy may begin exploring his feminization fantasies because of his small cock; a cuckold may very well do the same.

Some men even enjoy humiliation assignments where their Mistresses give them humiliating tasks to complete within a certain amount of time. This particular fetish can be a double-edged sword when serving an extremely creative Mistress!

Other common humiliation fantasies include CFNM (clothed female naked male) scenarios, masturbation humiliation, coerced cocksucking humiliation, and many more.

Now that you have a better idea about humiliation and its popularity within the fetish community, all that remains is getting your feet wet! We hope you feel comfortable enough to give it a try soon. Humiliation with a skilled Humiliatrix is, indeed, a very rewarding experience and yet another reason I love humiliation!