I Love To Be Humiliated and Ignored


I love to be humiliated and ignored. Any kind of humiliation will do. I love to be laughed at and ignored. I have a Mistress that does both. I pay her lots of money to humiliate me in new and exciting ways each week.

She makes sure that there are crowds of people to ignore me each and every Saturday when I go to her house. But, no matter how much I love being humiliated; I feel the need to always wear a leather hood. No one can know who I really am.


No One at Work Knows


You see, I’m a humiliation slut in secret. I have a corporate job that pays me well to control everything in my work life, from the people I do business with to the boy who gets me coffee every morning.

I love my job and the lifestyle it provides, but I need something more. I need someone to take control from me and tell me that I’m a fucking loser. Luckily, I have lots of money to buy these services.

Sometimes I imagine what would happen if I came into my office wearing my mask and ball gag. I think the people I work with would hyperventilate. Or worse, the ass lickers would tell me that I was such a trendsetter and then race to their phones to order the same outfit in hopes of impressing me. These fantasies excite me and are some of my favorites, but I know that I can never try to live them out if I expect to keep my job.


My Wife Would Never Understand My Need to be Humiliated and Ignored


Another concern is my personal life. My well-bred wife would never understand or accept it if I came to her and asked her to laugh at me and call me a dirtbag loser. She couldn’t deal. But that’s why I have a Mistress. My Mistress is there to take care of the parts of me my wife wouldn’t go near.

So I tell my wife every Saturday that I’m going to play golf or have lunch and drinks with my friends at the gentlemen’s club. Both the staff at the golf course and the club knows to tell my wife that I can’t come to the phone and that they will get a message to me. They call me and I call her back.

It has worked so far without a hitch and I hope that it continues to work. Truly, I don’t think my wife cares what I do as long as the money keeps rolling in. I wonder what she would think if she knew that my cock gets hard when she ignores me. Not that it happens often. She likes to bitch too much to ignore me.


My Mistress Knows All My Secrets


Now, my Mistress is good at humiliating me just the way I like it. When I’m at her place for a session, she talks on her cell phone, watches television, does her nails, you name it. My favorite is when she discusses her sex life with her girlfriends like I’m not even in the room!

But I like anything she does, as long as she ignores me while she’s doing it! My Mistress has used me as furniture. I was a chair for her once as well as her footstool. I did this for her several times, both during our private sessions and also when some of the others in her group were there. Again, I hid behind my leather mask when I was with the group. I will do anything for my Mistress as long as my identity is hidden.

That’s a good thing too. I remember being dressed up in full uniform—mask, cuffs, dog collar, and leather chaps that left my ass hanging out when a guy from accounting walked in. I guess it doesn’t matter to him if someone finds out. But it sure matters to me. I freaked out until I realized that he didn’t have a clue as to who I was.

I think my Mistress knew though because she made sure that I was made to suck his cock while everyone laughed at me later that night. It was fantastic because I could barely keep a straight face when I saw him in the conference room the following Monday. I wanted to whisper in his ear that he had tasted good on my tongue and just watch the look on his face when he realized what I was saying. I love my life as a secret humiliation slut, but I do wish that I didn’t have to keep it a secret.


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