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Inflating your Humiliation Experience: Using inflatables to intensity the humiliation experience


Have you ever tried using inflatables to enhance your humiliation experience? You love to be humiliated. You love your Phone Sex Mistress to humiliate you. You have been humiliated in a variety of ways – whether you are into small penis humiliation, or being exposed for the panty sissy you are, or masturbating in front of a group of girls. Have you considered having sex with an inflatable doll? No? Well, why not? Can you imagine?


Sex with a Blow-Up Doll


If this sounds like a way you would love to be humiliated, then we have some ideas for you! There are a variety of inflatables you can sink your puny cock into, or even if you don’t have a puny cock, the fact that you are even thinking of having sex with an inanimate plastic doll is the peak of erotic humiliation itself.

So, here at, we have cooked up some awesome inflatable doll ideas for you! There are celebrity love dolls that you can google and find, such as, J-Ho, Beyonce, and now even Tiger Woods (if you are looking for a little “wood” in your life). So whether you want a little Tiger Woods or Sarah Palin in your bed, it’s out there for you.


Make Love to Your Doll


Here’s what you do – find the love doll you want, and order it. Tell your Mistress what you have done so she can have fun laughing and humiliating you. After that, wait and check your mail everyday. Think of nothing else.

Then, get a bottle of lube and wait until your inflatable love doll comes in the mail. Once it does, fire up your cam or camera and be viewed by your Mistress as she instructs you, laughs at you and Tiger Woods gives you a hole in one, or you bang on Beyonce’s plastic booty. Either way, you are going to feel so humiliated that you even went to this extent.

So, run, don’t walk, to your nearest online adult store and order one. We all know that you want to. Hasn’t it been awhile since you had a real woman anyway? We thought so. We’re waiting for you over at Don’t forget your inflatable sex device.


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