It Turns Me On When My Wife Ignores Me

I love when my wife ignores me. I never knew that I liked being ignored until my wife started ignoring me. Now I love it, but I’m not going to tell her that I love it. She thinks she’s punishing me for being a “cheating ass loser” , but really it makes me so hot when she treats me like I’m not even there!


My Wife Ignores Me and I Deserve It


It all started when she caught me cheating on her with a fellow partner at my law firm. The woman was also married and we were just fooling around. It was never meant to be anything serious and no one was ever supposed to know or be hurt by the indiscretion. But of course, that’s not how it all worked out.

My wife found out by looking at my text messages. I know that it was stupid to leave my cell phone lying around for her to find, but I’ve never had anything to hide before, and therefore, wasn’t used to hiding things. She freaked out and called the woman’s number and her husband answered. Without thinking of the consequences, she blurted out the whole thing to this man.

She told me later that she had been furious and wanted to be the one to tell him about “his slut of a wife” cheating on him. She was also aiming at a confrontation with his wife, but he got to the phone before she could.

So as you can imagine, it was a fucking mess. The woman and her husband broke up and she left my firm and moved out of state. My wife stayed with me, but that doesn’t mean my marriage was saved. Sometimes divorce is the better option, but because there was no prenup, my wife felt she had no choice.

She’s the one with the money in our relationship. So here I was with an angry wife that hated my guts. Just because she didn’t leave doesn’t mean she didn’t make my life miserable”¦Or did she??

At first, I was too upset by her silence to realize how I actually reacted to it. She would go days without saying a word to me. I had to guess what she was trying to say to me most of the time. I was sleeping on the sofa, happy that it wasn’t the garage or the patio.

She looked like she would punch me if I touched her in any way. This went on for several weeks and finally, she began to talk enough to communicate basic things to me, but mostly she still ignored me.


Instead of Hating It, I Loved It


I came in one day and she was on the phone with her mother. I made noise coming into the house, so I know she heard me. I puttered around the kitchen while she completely ignored me while she was sitting not a foot away from me. I realized after a moment, that it made me feel”¦.aroused? As I watched her on the phone, I felt my cock jump.

That was different I thought as I tried again to get her attention. Finally, she looked me straight in the eye and raised her middle finger toward me. She looked mad, so I left her alone to go and marvel at the fact that I even had a hard cock. That hadn’t happened in months. I was so happy that I jacked off in the upstairs bathroom in celebration.

I had the same reaction the next day. I walked into the living room where she was watching television and texting her girlfriend while waiting for her dinner to finish cooking. I had been living on microwaved popcorn because she refused to make enough food for two. Anyway, I said “hello” and sat down on the sofa beside her.

She ignored me again and just continued texting her girlfriend. I asked what she felt like doing later that night, not really caring about the answer. I just wanted to get her to talk to me. She stopped texting and turned to me. “I’m not doing anything with you, you cheating loser!”

Then she got up and stalked away, still texting madly. As I sat there listening to her shove things around the kitchen, I was again amazed to find myself wildly aroused by her behavior.

Soon after that I knew that this reaction was more or less a permanent one. I don’t want her to stop ignoring me. It feels too good to hear her call me a loser and say nothing else to me all day. I hope she never gets over being angry with me. I hope my wife ignores me forever.