Masturbation Humiliation For A Slave


Many of the Mistresses here at the Enchantrix Empire love masturbation humiliation-  mixing humiliation with masturbation. Here are six of my favorite ways to embarrass you with masturbation.

Earn It Humiliation Pet

When I have a pet who’s been in chastity and hasn’t come for a while, I like to make a little game out of his release date. As he’s sitting down to eat, I tell him he can either agree to more chastity and teasing, and it’s going to be a prolonged period without orgasm.

Or he can jerk off, and when I finally give him permission to cum, he must squirt all over his meal before eating it.


Something Extra Special For My Stroker


Along the same lines, my pet’s meal is the leftovers from whatever I’ve had to eat. I put the plate on the floor. Of course, in this game, my slave is already naked, so I have him stroke his cock until I give him permission”¦and he jizzes onto the food.

Then, I make him eat it up right there, without using his hands or utensils.


Masturbation Humiliation Assignments


I like to have him save up every drop of cum in an ice cube tray. The next time we’re together, I tell him to stroke while sucking on one of those cum cubes. He must prove to me with an open mouth that the cube is completely gone and he’s swallowed all that delicious cum before he is allowed to climax.

Of course, I have him swallow down that fresh spunk as well!


Cum Eating For My Humiliation Masturbators


Of course, my jerk off pets must always eat their cum, and a lot of them are cum junkies anyway. So just one cum cube isn’t enough! In that case, I have the cum junkie masturbator cum repeatedly into one of those plastic forms for making a Popsicle.

After it’s full and I’m in the mood to really humiliate him, I’ll have him suck and lick it until it’s all gone. It’s even better if my stroker is a sissy. There’s nothing like watching a sissy in a mini-skirt, belly shirt, and pigtails sucking on a popsicle – especially if it’s shaped like a cock!


Auto Fellatio Should Heighten The Humiliation For My Stroker


I have him masturbate lying on his back, with his legs raised and down over his head so the tip of his hard and leaking cock is as close to his face as possible. When I finally utter that word he’s been waiting for, “Cum!” He shoots all over his face. Of course, I can always tell him to keep his mouth open, and watch it shoot right in there too!


And Masturbation Humiliation For My Cocksucking Sluts…


Well, I love training them with my strap-on. If they do a really good job worshiping and sucking my dick, I let them stroke, and cum all over it. Of course, he then has to lick it clean, just as if he were cleaning a real cock. Excellent training for wannabe cuckolds as well.

That’s just a start”¦I’m sure whichever Mistress you call will have many more ways to add masturbation humiliation to her control of your cock!