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Mistress Wifey’s Humiliation Toy

by Ms. Lena of

You are nothing but a humiliation toy for her. The sting of humiliation is fresh in your mind, like a wound that won’t heal. Her unrepentant laughter rings in your ears. You can still hear her say, “Darling, what are you going to do with that little nub? You should be wearing the panties in this house!”

After that night, things were never the same. You were instructed to masturbate and cum in your hand. That was the beginning of your life of humiliation.


Humiliation Toy Fitted for Panties and Bra


When wifey was bored with that, she took you shopping. Perhaps you would get a nice new suit, but no, she walked you right into Victoria’s Secret!!! Much to your chagrin, it was your day to be fitted for panties and a bra. Mistress Wifey picked out a few matching sets. Her favorite was the set with multicolored polka dots on it.

She ordered you to the dressing room to try things on. Once the delicate underwear was on, she swung the dressing room door open. The sales girl was there and she started to laugh.” See, I told you his tiny ding-a-ling wouldn’t fill those panties out”, bellowed Mistress wifey. The two of them erupted into laughter, as your nipples grew hard under the bra.


Serving your Female Boss


As if losing your masculine role at home was not enough, your female boss at work was contacted by Mistress wifey. She was told that any humiliating tasks at work that needed to be done were yours. When the office closed for the evening, you were made to stay and don a maid’s outfit and black pumps. Your boss had you clean all the tile floors on your hands and knees. When her husband arrived you breathed a sigh of relief, but it was a mistake.

Your night was not done, by any stretch of the imagination. Your boss had you kneel on the floor in her office. At first, you wondered if she might slap you, like the bitch that you are, but she didn’t. You were told to lift your dress and start masturbating. As she and her husband watched, you saw his cock begin to grow in his pants. Struck with panic, you averted your eyes down to the floor.


Cocksucking Humiliation


When it was finally your turn to leave, you grabbed your clothes and ran to the car. Choking back tears from being humiliated like a sissy, you dressed in the car. On the drive home , you wondered what might await you at home. Surely, Mistress wifey was in bed by now, because it was almost eleven o’clock.

To your surprise, the bedroom light was on. With dread, you entered the house, only to hear, “Sissyboy, come here and tell me about your day!”. You felt your face become red with shame. “Yes Ma’am, I will be in the bedroom directly.” You ascended the stairs with no idea what lay ahead, but more humiliating acts to entertain Mistress wifey.