My First Humiliation Experience: She Made Me Beg!

Let me tell you about my first humiliation experience…

“I want to try something different tonight,” Sara said.Sara is what you might call adventurous. The last time she wanted to “try something different” it ended up with me pouring liquid latex all over her body then fucking her until she begged for mercy. Before that, it was taking her to a swinger party where she wore nothing but a pink ribbon tied through her clit ring. Life with Sara was never dull.

Not that we’d spent a lot of time together, recently. A big project at work had kept me at the office until nearly ten o’clock every weeknight for the last month. Hell, sometimes I spent most of the weekend there, too. I came home every evening exhausted, mentally and physically, and I knew Sara was feeling neglected. Maybe spending tonight “trying something different” would make it up to her.


I said, “Anything you want, baby.”

Sara smiled and produced a length of black cloth. She slipped around behind me and pulled the cloth over my eyes,

Leaving the blindfold in place, I quickly stripped off my clothes. I was hard as a fucking rock. I heard the click of something metal and was tempted to peek underneath the blindfold. Before I could even try, she took both my hands and put them on her still-clothed tits.

I could feel her lacy bra underneath the thin cloth of her t-shirt. I felt something cold against my left wrist then heard that metallic click again. Handcuffs! Apparently, she was going to have her way with me. That was fine with me. She clicked the metal cuff closed over my right wrist.

She stepped away from me and a moment later my wrists were pulled roughly up into the air. Before I knew it, my arms were straining above my head and I was standing tiptoe to keep from wrenching my shoulders. “Sara?” I tried not to sound as panicked as I felt. This was taking things a little too far. “What are you doing, baby?” “Baby?” Sara snarled. “Don’t ‘baby’ me, motherfucker. Who is she?”

“What? I – what are you talking about?”

“Don’t bullshit me! Working late, my ass! You’ve been fucking some slut and I want to know who it is.”

“This isn’t funny. Let me go!” I was pissed – and maybe a little bit alarmed. “Get these fucking handcuffs off me!” There was a whistling sound and then I felt a hard smack against my bare ass. I recognized the long paddle I’d used on Sara more than once.

“Ow! What the fuck, Sara!”

Another stroke of the paddle, this time across the back of my thighs. I yelled and struggled but the hits just kept on coming. My back, my ass, my thighs, my shoulders – all of them felt the sting of the paddle. “Now, I’ve finished with the back.” Sara said. “So, before I start on the front, you’d better start talking.” “Fuck! There isn’t anyone else. I’ve been working, Sara, I -“

The paddle flashed across the front of my thighs, once, twice, three times, moving higher with each stroke. It was perilously close to my sac – and I’d never been harder in my life. “You love parading me around like I’m your little sex toy but when I need you? You have to work. You just can’t make it. You’re too busy.” Each angry word was punctuated with a stroke of the paddle, working their way slowly up my thighs. “Tell me who she is or the next stroke goes across your balls.” I was shaking all over. I felt the tip of the paddle trace lightly along my balls, moving up over my rock-hard shaft and up to the head of my cock.

“That feels good, doesn’t it?” Sara said. “You like that, don’t you?”

“God, yes.” I moaned. I was so damn close to cumming.

“Tell me I’m the only one.” Sara rubbed the edge of the paddle around and around the head of my cock.

“Yes! It’s just you!”

“Beg me to let you come.” She teased my balls with the paddle’s edge. “Say ‘Please, Miss Sara, make me come.'”

“Please!” I gasped. “Miss Sara, make me come.”

She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked me once. I came so hard I saw stars.

“Miss Sara.” She kissed me as she released me. “I like that.”

“Me too,” I said.

And with that first humiliation experience, I was hooked!

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