My Introduction to Cum-Eating Humiliation


This is the story of my introduction into cum eating humiliation. I loved New Year’s Eve parties and this year was no different. I’d been invited to three, but chose the one that I knew would have the hottest women in attendance— Jackies’s party.

Jackie lived across the hall. There was always a steady stream of smokin’ chicks in and out of her apartment. I used to pretend to be doing laundry, carrying the same fucking clothes up and down the stairs hoping to run into one of them. I know, desperate sounding, right? Whatever. It couldn’t have been too desperate a move cause Jackie ended up inviting me to her New Years’ Eve bash anyway.


Ten O’Clock Arrival


I hung out in my pad, changed outfits a couple times, till it was a respectable hour to arrive, ten p.m. I didn’t want to look too eager. You know what I’m saying? By the time I knocked on the door, the place was packed. I mean like ready-to-fuck sardines. I slid my way in, grabbed a beer, and immediately planted myself out on the balcony next to a line of hot babes in short skirts. Jackie appeared from nowhere, slipped in next to me.

“Hey neighbor boy. You liking the view out here?”

“Well, that’s calling it like it is, I replied. “Yep, the view is amazing. And the women are too.” That got Jackie to laugh, her beautiful breasts bounced as she did. My cock went crazy, instant hard-on. I knew it was time for another beer to chill it down.

“I could use another beer. You coming?”

Ã’”No,” she said, excusing herself, “I’ m the hostess. My job is to mingle,” she said as she disappeared into the crowd.

I found the bucket of beers and planted myself next to them and a circle of hot women, for the rest of the night.

Midnight came and went. I briefly kissed and felt up a blonde named Darla to ring in the New Year. By one a.m, most of the partiers had gone. Soon, it was just me, Jackie, and three other girls.

“I think we should take this little gathering into my office.” And with that, Jackie led us into her workroom.


Cum Eating Humiliation at The “Office”


The “office” was really Jackie’s sex dungeon. And me, well once she locked the door behind me, I was to become her cum-eating, humiliated sex slave.

Two women held me while Jackie took off her pants. I could smell her pussy juice the minute she did. I immediately got hard. The women holding me pushed me down on my knees as Jackie walked over to me and grabbed my head, pushing my face right into her pussy pie.

“Clean the cum out of my cunt, little cock boy. Don’t stop until you’ve eaten it clean!”

She held my head against her slit while my tongue slid up and down, all around, licking the cum ooze soaking her glistening lips. I sucked and licked around her clit, probed deep into her hole with my tongue and nose, and slurped out her wetness.

“It still feels a little dirty,” she said and pushed me back from her cunt. “Amanda, sweetie, come here.” The hot blonde dropped her pants walked over. Jackie spread her pussy lips open. “Maybe mister little dick can do better with this.” She slammed me into Amanda’s face again.

” Oopsie,” Amanda smiled. ” I guess I had to go.”

“Clean her up,” Jackie ordered. “You better do a good job this time.”

I licked, sucked, and slurped her clean. As I moved to back away from her cunt, she pushed me back in, my lips right against her clitoral hood. So I nuzzled it with my nose then pushed it back with my tongue. I flicked her clit up and down with my tongue till she came and sucked her pussy dry. Exhausted, my tongue sore, I fell back to the floor. But Jackie didn’t care.

“What do you think you are doing,” she asked. “You think you’re done? You’ve got two more women here, waiting for your you and that limp-ass tongue of yours to clean out their cum-filled pussies. So get up!”




Two hours later, I was done; cum-eating humiliated, my tongue so swollen and worn out, I couldn’t speak. Jackie helped me to my feet and kissed me goodnight.

“Let me know when you’re ready for more.”

” Ha,” I chuckled to myself, ” don’t hold your breath,” I whispered under my breath as she closed the door and I staggered downstairs to my apartment.

Two weeks later, I was knocking on her door for more cum-eating humiliation. Jackie answered.

“Come on in.”

I looked inside at the three women and three men lined up masturbating.

“We’ve been waiting for you.”


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