Phone Humiliation Spills Over Into Real Life


Hello. I want to tell you about how phone humiliation spilled over into real life for me.

My name is Steve. I’m kind of an erotic humiliation lover. Ok, well, there’s really no “kind of” to it. I’m a total humiliation slut. I honestly just can’t get enough!

I’ve been getting my thrills through phone humiliation lately. I have a phone sex Mistress who loves humiliating me, and I love following all her commands. She’s very good at what she does, that much is for sure.

I decided to give Mistress Brooke (my phone Mistress) a call yesterday. She and I have been exploring some public humiliation fantasies together, and I’ve been having a lot of fun pushing the envelope in the way she wants me to do it. So I called her and waited while the dispatcher Mistress put me through to Mistress Brooke, my cock already hardening in anticipation.

My cock got even harder when Mistress Brooke got on the phone. We exchanged pleasantries for a bit, discussed the days we’d had, and so forth. And then we got down to the business of humiliating me further.

On this particular day, Mistress Brooke wanted to start with something simple–some CFNM humiliation. I got naked for her as quickly as I could. Even though I wasn’t looking at the fully-clothed Mistress Brooke, I could still imagine in my mind’s eye what she would look like if she were looking at me naked before her.


A Little Exhibitionism Never Hurt Anybody


Mistress Brooke likes to put me in semi-public humiliation situations. Basically, she likes giving me the illusion that I could get caught without ever actually doing anything that might get me arrested or shot or something equally bad. So when she told me to go to my back door and throw it open wide, I obeyed happily.

Stroke for me,” Mistress Brooke said. I stood in the back door, jerking off furiously for my phone Mistress. It was incredibly arousing to be masturbating in full view of anyone who might see me…though the likelihood that anyone would see me standing in my own back door was very slim.

Mistress Brooke took it a step further and had me walk out onto my back patio. I told her I had a couple of lounge chairs out there on the deck, and she told me to sit down in one of them. I went back to stroking for her. After a little while, she told me that she wanted to incorporate some anal masturbation to increase my humiliation. I started fingering my ass at her command.

It felt so good to be sitting out there, diddling my asshole with one hand and jerking my cock with the other, right out there in the open air. I had my eyes closed and was completely lost in Mistress Brooke’s voice.


Semi-Public Humiliation Goes Totally Public


In fact, I was so caught up in what I was doing that I nearly jumped out of my chair when I heard someone clear her throat. My eyes flew open, and I saw my next-door neighbor, an older lady, standing there with a bemused smile on her face. I took my hands away from my private parts and tried to explain. She shushed me.

“I think you should go back to what you were doing,” she said.

I tried to explain that I wasn’t doing anything, but she obviously wasn’t buying it, since she’d caught me red-handed. Mistress Brooke was still on the line, laughing her ass off at my predicament. My neighbor asked who I was talking to, and Mistress Brooke demanded that I tell her the truth.

“My phone sex Mistress,” I replied, blushing.

“Let me talk to her,” my neighbor said, holding her hand out.

I gave the phone to her without argument and sat there, burning with humiliation, while she and Mistress Brooke discussed what should be done with me next.

My neighbor and Mistress Brooke decided that I should roll over on my stomach so that my cock protruded through one of the spaces between the wood of the lounger. I did what I was told. But I wasn’t expecting what happened next. My neighbor stepped close and buried two fingers in my ass, all the way up to the last knuckle!

“Fuck yourself,” she commanded.

Completely humiliated, I began to move back and forth tentatively. I was barely moving, which annoyed her. She smacked my ass and told me to do it harder. I moved faster, fucking myself back and forth on her fingers. As I moved, my cock slid back and forth between the wooden slats. It didn’t take long for the two types of stimulation to overcome me. As I humped both the chair and my neighbor’s fingers, I shot a big load of cum down onto the deck.

My neighbor didn’t say a word. She just removed her fingers, tossed my phone down beside me, and walked back to her house. I lay on the chair, trembling and gasping for breath, looking down at the puddle I’d made. Mistress Brooke was still laughing at me.

I finally learned the true meaning of humiliating myself. I couldn’t even look my neighbor in the eye when I saw her this morning…


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