Public Humiliation Assignment


Dear Mistress,

I’ve completed the public humiliation assignment you assigned to me. Now, I’m writing to you to tell you how it went, as you instructed me to. I hope this letter pleases you.

It took me a couple of days to make sure all your instructions were realized. First, I had to go to a department store after work and pick out the perfect pair of pantyhose to wear. Because I wasn’t familiar with the sizing, it took me a while to find the right type of pantyhose in the proper size. When I finally found them, I bought several pairs in case my Femdom Mistress wants me to wear them again for some reason.

The day I bought the pantyhose, I laid them out with my work clothes for the next day. When I got up the following morning, I put them on, my cheeks already burning with humiliation before I ever left the house. I had a hard time getting the pantyhose on because I’d never worn them before.

I managed to avoid ripping them or putting runs in them, but it took me quite some time to get them on. I also wore a pair of pants that were a little short in the legs, like you instructed so that I could show off my nylon-clad ankles when I sat down.

I took a look in the mirror before I left to go to work, and I was so embarrassed that I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the workday. Even with just a tiny bit of skin showing between the top of my shoes and my pants legs when I sat down, I looked like a total sissy!


Wearing Pantyhose, Even Under My Clothes, Was Very Humiliating


I sucked it up and went to work, though. The pantyhose felt very odd underneath my regular (though shorter than usual) work pants. It was almost as if my lower body was in bondage for my Mistress. I’m sure that was the feeling you were going for, Mistress. My cock throbbed underneath the pantyhose, too, at least as much as it could, given how tight they were. It was an odd bit of cock and ball bondage.

I got some funny looks at work, but nobody actually said anything to me. I heard some people giggling when I walked by, so I’m sure there was talk behind my back. It was embarrassing, but nothing like the erotic humiliation I was to endure for you after I left work.

To be honest, I kind of dreaded getting off, knowing what I was going to have to do. If only my humiliation had ended when I left work, all would’ve been fine. But I knew there was another part to your plan for my humiliation, and I knew I had to obey you.

Finally, quitting time did come around, and I left quickly, hoping to get the rest of my humiliation assignment over with as soon as possible. The car ride was a brief reprieve, but inwardly, I cringed, knowing what was coming next.

Fighting back all my fears and knowing that later I’d get off on the humiliation of what I was about to do for my strict Mistress, I drove to a nearby shoe store and parked near the door. I took a deep breath to steel myself and went inside.


The Humiliation Assignment My Mistress Prescribed Was About To Get Worse


Keeping my head low and not making eye contact with anyone, I hurried over to the women’s shoe section. I stood there for a moment, not wanting to go through with what I was told to do. I came close to leaving. But then my desire to please my beautiful Femdom Goddess won out. I went to the large shoe sizes and picked a pair of black patent leather pumps off the shelf to try on.

The women around me looked at me strangely when I sat down on one of the provided benches, slipped my male shoes off, and put the pumps on. I felt, rather than heard, their tittering. But at this point, I’d steeled myself to go through with it. I’m not a sissy boy, so I had no idea how to walk in those shoes, but I walked over to the mirror with short, mincing steps, anyway.

I also don’t know how to pick out shoes, so I just took a perfunctory glance at them and returned to my seat. I put the shoes back in the box and returned them to the shelf. I could tell all eyes were on me, and thought my cock was going to burst through the pantyhose I wore from the sensual humiliation.

I tried on six pairs like you told me to, Mistress, and then I selected one of those pairs to buy. I could tell the sales clerk wanted to laugh at me, but she didn’t do it to my face. I quickly took the package from her and left the store, mortified at what I’d done.

Now I’m at home, thinking of how I humiliated myself at your command. If you will allow it, Mistress, I’m going to go jerk off now, thinking about my humiliation assignment.

Thank you, Mistress

Your Loyal Slave


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