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Public Humiliation


Public humiliation occurs when an individual gets sexually aroused by being humiliated in front of others. The term is a bit misleading because it doesn’t necessarily mean in a public place, but rather the fact that others are witnessing the humiliation. Public humiliation can occur in the privacy of the home with invited guests watching or it can occur in a public place, such as a parking lot, public park, mall, etc.

In the case of public humiliation that occurs in public places, it isn’t always about the fact the people are watching as much as it is about the fact that somebody could see you. That said, great care must be taken when indulging in the act of public humiliation in public places that unsuspecting individuals aren’t involved.


Public Humiliation: Somebody Might See Me!


Many people derive sexual pleasure from the fact that they are in a public place where it is possible for someone to discover them, but they really don’t want to be discovered. For these individuals, the inherent danger of being discovered and the embarrassment and humiliation that would follow if that actually happened, is what stimulates them erotically.

These individuals would truly be devastated if they were actually discovered, yet the possible threat of being discovered, along with the fantasy of what would happen excites them to the point of orgasm.


Are They Going to Watch?


Just as there are those who enjoy actually being in public places naked or in positions that would embarrass and humiliate them but don’t really want to get caught, some are excited by the threat of being made to perform in front of others or others watching them being humiliated, degraded, or otherwise put in their place.

These individuals don’t really want to have others watch them either, but the threat of it and the fantasy of the public humiliation and what would happen if they did, is what excites them.


They’re Watching Me!

Of course, for all those who enjoy simply “the threat” of being caught, there are those who actually enjoy being caught in the middle of an embarrassing and humiliating act, or having others watch them while they perform embarrassing and humiliating tasks.

Many exhibitionists fall into this category, along with many sissies, coerced bi enthusiasts, and those who enjoy the CFNM (clothed female naked male) fetish. It is quite common for these types to derive more pleasure from the fact that they are being watched perform the humiliating tasks rather than actually performing the tasks themselves.


Be Responsible


Because public humiliation crosses the line from being behind closed doors and in private, to possibly being out in the wide-open public, it is very important to consider the potential harm that can be caused to those who are exposed to it unwittingly, therefore; without their prearranged consent.

To each his own, when it comes to doing whatever he enjoys sexually, but involving others without their knowledge or consent crosses the line. It is also important to act responsibly when it comes to public humiliation because of legalities and the threat of being arrested and causing a permanent mark on your reputation.

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