Punished in Front of Others


Hi there. My name is John and I love being punished in front of others. I’m married to Lola. For years, Lola has bossed me around and treated me as if I can’t think for myself. Always talking down to me, always complaining about how everything I do affects her, never caring how it affects me. My friends say I’m whipped; that Lola’s a bitch and I’m her little bitchboy.

I say, they’re right. I can’t argue with them there. But the thing is, I enjoy it. I get a thrill every time she yells my name, disgusted that yet again, I screwed up. I get a thrill when she tells her friends, right in front of me, what a sorry excuse for a man I am. And then, when they laugh at me, my cock just stands at attention! My friends certainly don’t understand it, hell, I don’t even understand it myself. All I know is that being humiliated in front of others excites me more than anything in the world!


Humiliation and Degradation; My Erotic Cocktail


I guess I shouldn’t say being punished in front of others excites me more than anything in the world. I guess it’s true that for now, it excites me more than anything in the world, but erotic humiliation is my drug. It takes more and more these days to get my erotic humiliation high. It used to be that just hearing the way she said my name- with disgust, almost contempt, in her voice was enough to get me going.

Now, of course, it takes more to get me that excited. A whole lot more. Now, the more degrading things she says to me, the more I tingle with excitement. And it’s not just that. Verbal humiliation isn’t enough anymore, either.

Now, it takes being made to do degrading and humiliating things, such as cleaning the floor with my toothbrush or serving lunch to my wife and her friends, naked. This last time she had a dinner party, though, I misbehaved.


Punished in Front of Others: Punishment Time


I was serving dinner when one of her friends stretched her stocking-clad foot underneath the table and right into my crotch. Uh-oh. Instant boner. Panic. Excitement. Panic. Uh-oh. The wife saw my excitement and she was not happy. You see, I’m not allowed to get hard at all, ever. I don’t deserve to. That’s a privilege reserved for real men, and obviously, I’m not a real man.

Before I even had time to think, she’d stripped me naked, snapped a cock leash on my cock, and was parading me around the room with it, telling me what a pathetic pussy I was and that I needed to be punished for even thinking about getting a hard-on, much less, actually getting one! The next thing I knew, she’d handed my leash and a paddle to the woman who shoved her foot in my crotch earlier and told me to beg her to punish me for getting hard. I began whimpering and begging her to please punish me for getting hard.

She tugged hard on the leash, pulling it back between my legs, bending me over the table. She alternated spanking me and tugging on the leash, ordering me to thank her for each spank and tug. Meanwhile, the other ladies were laughing and telling my wife what a loser I was while she agreed with them. After what seemed like an eternity, she held the leash but made me spank myself, first asking for permission to spank, and then thanking her for allowing me to paddle, after each paddle.

As embarrassing, humiliating, and degrading as that was, being punished in front of others was one of the most sexually arousing things that have happened to me in a long time. Erotic humiliation is certainly my drug. Being punished in front of others took me to the next level, for now. I know it is only a matter of time before this will seem like nothing and I will need something harsher and even more degrading to get the same erotic thrill from the humiliation. For now, though, I really get off on being punished in front of others.