Restaurant Humiliation

This is a story of restaurant humiliation. Brandon was sitting nervously at a table at Le Crux, an urban upscale bar. It was five to nine, and he was both tense and excited.

He was to meet Linda, or Mistress Linda as he would later learn to address her. He had first contacted Mistress Linda on an online fetish forum for erotic humiliation, but little did he know that the night had more in store than he first asked for.


Brandon Meets His Mistress


Brandon had his first tryst with humiliation at his university when a couple of girls caught him taking pictures of their panties by flashing his new cellphone camera under their skirts during his physics class. They confronted him after the class, furious that he would take pictures up their skirts, but Brandon pleaded with them and offered to do anything for them, should they let him get away with it and forgive him.

The girls, while not the best-looking in the class, definitely had the best legs. The girls, feeling naughty and turned on by his helplessness, decided to test his pledge and asked him to lick their boots. The next moment, Brandon was on his knees, kissing and licking each boot feverishly, due both to the fear of getting caught as well as his craving for feet.


Brandon Endures Restaurant Humiliation


As he was licking, the girls took out their own cameras and took pictures of him licking their soles. Thus began a serious D/s dynamic involving some of the most humiliating acts that Brandon never thought he’d end up doing, from wearing their soiled panties to sometimes being coerced into sucking a dildo or strap on.

Over the years, Brandon was sucked into the inescapable web of humiliation that was sometimes sensual and sometimes erotic. Tonight, though, this restaurant humiliation was going to be the most humiliating night of his life yet!


Restaurant Humiliation: Mistress Linda Arrives


As the clock hit 9, a tall woman in a black leather coat and a dark grey skirt that was barely long enough to cover her voluptuous ass walked in. A little glance would give a passerby an amazing view of her purple thong. His instructions had been clear. He was to reserve the table in the most secluded area of the bar. He also had to order a bottle of Chateau Beausejour, a classy expensive red wine imported from Bordeaux, France.

Although he had never met Linda, he could instantly recognize her from her accent. He had, after all, spent a lot of time on the phone humiliation line that Linda offered her private clientele. He immediately rose up to greet her and received her coat. Once she sat down at the table, she took no time in pushing her heels between his legs.

He immediately knew what he had to do: he removed her heels and started massaging her feet under the table, uncomfortable and knowing that he could be spotted by the other restaurant-goers anytime. Just when he about was to switch to her other foot, the waitress appeared. Brandon almost withdrew his hand when Linda dug her foot deeper into his crotch, an indication that she disapproved of his doing so.

So there he sat massaging her feet while the waitress was taking orders. Linda ordered herself a signature sandwich and told the waitress that Brandon is busy with his hands and probably wont be eating today. The waitress giggled and left. Linda then briefly left for the restroom, and when she returned, laid out the moist and bright purple panties on the table.

She ordered him to go to the restroom, change into her panties, and discard his own underwear into the trash. Brandon grabbed the panties and hid them in his pocket for fear of getting caught and headed for the restroom.


Brandon Is Made Into A Panty Boy


Linda was pleased and enjoying the delightful sight of him squirming about, knowing that he was thoroughly humiliated by the sensual humiliation of wearing her silk panties. Brandon was thoroughly humiliated and was shaking nervously with every passing moment. Even as Linda finished her meal, Brandon was struggling to hide his cock, which was hard as a rock from the excitement of the situation. A disappointed Linda told him it was time to go since he was unable to control his own sexual urges in public.

And all of a sudden, it appeared as though the whole bar was staring in their direction and whispering. A thoroughly humiliated Brandon left the bar with his hard-on visible through his purple undies and all eyes upon him as he had to walk before everyone as part of his restaurant humiliation punishment for being unable to control himself in the prese