Sensual Humiliation For An Emasculated Submissive


Sensual humiliation can be delivered to emasculated submissives in so many different ways. It can be in words, like calling a submissive a slut, a whore, or a bitch. It can be when a Mistress makes fun of his tiny penis (even if the said penis is average or of adequate size, having a Mistress tell you it’s just not big enough for her can be a real ego killer!).

It can be in actions, such as when she takes him over her knee and spanks his naughty bottom. Here are five of my favorite ways to humiliate a submissive when I’m in a sensual mood.


1. Emasculation As Sensual Humiliation

Making him refer to his cock, chest, and asshole in feminine terms. There’s nothing that will take a man down a peg or two than to tell him he doesn’t have a cock – he has a clit, or a sissy stick. O

r telling him his tits are nice, hairless and feminine, or referring to his rosebud as a pussy.. It’s much more humiliating to make him use sexy feminine terms. So, let’s try this on you. Instead of me saying to you, “that cock is getting hard” , I’ll say, “my, that clit of yours is getting engorged and wet, isn’t it?”


2. Sensual Small Penis Humiliation for the Emasculated Submissive

If you have a sissy clit, you should be wearing panties. There are so many ways to have fun with this humiliating idea. In real life, I enjoy taking a sub shopping for panties, holding the pairs up against his crotch in the store, and giggling as I see him growing hard beneath his jeans. For my phone pets, it’s great to give them an assignment to head out to a lingerie store, purchase the panties, and shyly tell the salesgirl they’re for him!

Then giving him a further assignment to change into them before he leaves the mall. In general, the more feminine the panties, the better. Pink lace, flowers, and even ruffles make me laugh”¦and get me wet.


3. Worship Your Sensual Humiliation Mistress And Her Strap-On

If you’re going to have a sissy clit and wear panties, you better be sucking my strap-on! This is one of my favorite humiliating tasks. I love coercing “straight” men into becoming cock sucking whores!

In real life, watching the pucker of a man’s mouth as he prepares to take my cock in his lip, then wrapping my hands around the back of his head and fucking his face, as he and I both moan in pleasure and delight is just so hot! Watching you do the same on webcam is just as arousing, and of course, my words will only reinforce your submission, “I’m going to fuck your face like the bitch you are!”


4. Is It Humiliating To Have To Show Me?

Well, you’ve sucked cock, let’s see what else you have to offer. Bend over and show me that pussy hole! This act is so degrading, and yet arouses us both.

I like seeing your hole, inspecting it for errant hairs, and having it available to stick fingers, butt plug or a dildo. This pose is wonderful for putting you back in your place.


5. Sensual Humiliation And Anal Penetration

You’ve shown it to me, might as well use that pussy! Fingering your pussy and playing with your prostate can be quite humiliating as well. Of course, the physical pleasure is exciting, but I make sure it comes with a hefty dose of humiliation.

Over and over I’ll talk about fingering your pussy and stroking your clitty. You’ll get all wet for me just like the sissy gurl you are. I also like to get you so excited that you’ll hump something for me, like the arm of the couch. And then I’ll tease you about that as well. Then, It’s time for me to pull out my strap…and then you’ll really know what it means to be my bitch!


Mistress Linda Arrives

As the clock hit 9, a tall woman in a black leather coat and a dark grey skirt that was barely long enough to cover her voluptuous ass walked in. A little glance would give a passerby an amazing view of her purple thong. His instructions had been clear. He was to reserve the table in the most secluded area of the bar. He also had to order a bottle of Chateau Beausejour, a classy expensive red wine imported from Bordeaux, France.

Although he had never met Linda, he could instantly recognize her from her accent. He had, after all, spent a lot of time on the phone humiliation line that Linda offered her private clientele. He immediately rose up to greet her and received her coat. Once she sat down at the table, she took no time in pushing her heels between his legs.

The emasculated submissive immediately knew what he had to do: he removed her heels and started massaging her feet under the table, uncomfortable and knowing that he could be spotted by the other restaurant-goers anytime. Just when he about was to switch to her other foot, the waitress appeared. Brandon almost withdrew his hand when Linda dug her foot deeper into his crotch, an indication that she disapproved of his doing so.

So there he sat massaging her feet while the waitress was taking orders. Linda ordered herself a signature sandwich and told the waitress that Brandon is busy with his hands and probably wont be eating today. The waitress giggled and left. Linda then briefly left for the restroom, and when she returned, laid out the moist and bright purple panties on the table.

She ordered the emasculated submissve to go to the restroom, change into her panties, and discard his own underwear into the trash. Brandon grabbed the panties and hid them in his pocket for fear of getting caught and headed for the restroom.


The Emasculated Submissive Brandon Is Made Into A Panty Boy

Linda was pleased and enjoying the delightful sight of him squirming about, knowing that he was thoroughly humiliated by the sensual humiliation of wearing her silk panties. Brandon was thoroughly humiliated and was shaking nervously with every passing moment.

Even as Linda finished her meal, the emasculated submissive Brandon was struggling to hide his cock, which was hard as a rock from the excitement of the situation. A disappointed Linda told him it was time to go since he was unable to control his own sexual urges in public.

And all of a sudden, it appeared as though the whole bar was staring in their direction and whispering. A thoroughly humiliated Brandon, the emasculated submissive, left the bar with his hard-on visible through his purple undies and all eyes upon him as he had to walk before everyone as part of his sensual humiliation punishment for being unable to control himself in her presence.

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