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Sissy Humiliation


You are a sissy who enjoys sissy humiliation, aren’t you? Maybe you’re the kind of guy that waits for your girl to make the first move. Or maybe, you’re the opposite.

Maybe you’re the kind of guy that jumps-on any cunt that comes along even though the truth is you’d rather have her take charge in the sex department. For both kinds of guys and every guy in between, the world of Sissy Humiliation may be for you.


Humiliation: A Sexual Definition


You surely have had a humiliating experience in life; forgetting the words in a school play, tripping and making an ass of yourself as you courageously ask the hottest chick in your school out on a date, or worse, forgetting to buckle your belt and dropping your pants as you board the bus. If you take those supreme humiliating embarrassments and add in sex you have erotic humiliation.

Erotic or sensual humiliation has been defined as the consensual use of psychological and or physical humiliation in a sexual context where one or both participants become aroused by humiliating or ridiculing the other or by being humiliated or demeaned his or her self.

Sissy humiliation is a sub-culture of the sensual humiliation community that emphasizes cuckolding and its related ridiculing techniques. The word “sissy” comes into play because one of its mainstay humiliation practices is for the heterosexual man, the “sissy,” to be penetrated by his female partner’s strap-on cock; or to orally service her strap-on, or to orally service and be fucked by another male sex-play partner brought in to pleasure her. It is considered a more extreme form of sensual humiliation and is often taken to the hardcore level.

You scared? Maybe you are a sissy then. Then this is the perfect turn on for you, right? You can be your timid, sissy self and be accepted for what you are!


A Sissy Humiliation Scene


If you keep reading this, then you already know you deserve to be humiliated. The next step is to just do it, so here we go:

You pick up the hottest chick at the bar that you can and you tell her you want to be humiliated. If she’s the kind of sexy bitch you need, she’ll say yes. Tell her you have a scene for her. She role-plays your hot neighbor. And you role-play the pathetic loser perv that keeps peeping at her through the window.

She gets undressed and stands at the window. You dutifully go outside with your useless dick and try to whack off while staring at her voluptuous tits through the window. Oh my god! She sees you! You’re fucking busted, you loser. Before you can flee, she runs outside naked, grabs your loser ass and drags you in the house, all the while mocking your pencil-dick.

“Stupid perv,” she taunts, “with a pathetic dick like this no wonder you have to stand outside a window and beat yourself off. You disgusting loser.”

She opens a drawer and pulls out a leather harness, slips a pink rubber cock through the harness hole and straps it on. The tight leather wrap pushes against her wet pussy.

“You’re such a sissy man. And you know what sissy men need, don’t you? Sissy pervs like you need to be fucked by a big rubber, strap-on cock! But first you have to blow-me, sissy man. Get on your knees and suck my cock!”

She pushes you down on your knees and before you know it, your mouth is wrapped around the slippery strap-on dick that smells like her cunt juice. You lick up and down on the shaft of her cock, let her rubber strap-on push against the back of your throat making you gag.

“That’s right you sissy boy, choke on my dick!” The more she berates you the more turned out you get like the true sissy man you are. She pumps the strap-on faster into your mouth until she orgasms, pissing her cum onto your lips. You cum too, shooting your creamy goo all over the floor, and immediately apologize “sorry.”

“Just get off your ass and clean it up you sissy perv!”


Hardcore Extremes


That strap-on, rubber dick-sucking scene is just the start for sissy pervs like you. Even the most simplistic, light, play scenes can escalate into hardcore humiliation. Hardcore humiliation can and many believe should be extreme, very extreme.

Often, a woman wearing a strap-on and an additional male sex partner or partners anally penetrate the sissy humiliatee. Hardcore verbal humiliation includes yelling, screaming and continuous ridicule throughout the sex scene and often into non-sex play times.

Time to relinquish control, you sissy men. Let us humiliate your sissy ass into a hell-of-a-hot time!

Ready for some sissy humiliation? Give one of our Humiliation Mistresses a call, today!