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Penis Size DOES Matter: Six Men Who Have Proved It, and Why Your Little Penis Doesn’t Count


In case you didn’t know or hadn’t heard it before- penis size does matter!

Do you have a small penis? Do you like to be humiliated? Does it turn you on when you know that other men in the locker room, at work or on your football team have bigger cocks than you? According to, there are ten men who have what it takes over your small penis!

Examples of Real Men With Big Dicks to Prove Penis Size Does Matter

Frank Sinatra was said to have had a big penis. According to his ex-wife, Ava Gardner: “There is only ten pounds of Frank, but there’s 110 pounds of cock.” So there you go, little dick men, ol’ Blue Eyes did have a bigger one than you.

Ron Jeremy is said to have a 9.75 inch cock. But you knew that already, didn’t you? You used to watch all that porn as you were whacking on your much too small penis.

Jimi Hendrix’s had his cock set in a plaster cast and can actually be bought over at His big cock was an amazing 6 inches with 6 inch circumference when only semi-hard. He was called “Penis de Milo” and I’m sure you’d die to have a cock like that, wouldn’t you?

The porn star John Holmes had between a 10 to 12 inch cock. Screw magazine measured it to be slightly over 12 inches, but his wife confirmed it was 10 inches and 4 inches wide. In case you are curious to see for yourselves, and you feel like living vicariously—check out his old pornographic films.

Milton Berle is said to have had a very big cock as well—a joke being made about it that it was as big as a pepperoni!

Actor Jason Segel has a big schlong too— especially if you saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall in that scene where his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, is dumping him. Why would a girl dump a guy with a big cock like that?

Your Lil’ Penis Can’t Measure Up!

So there you go. Now you know. Penis size does matter and there ARE men out there with much big penises than yours, but if you are only 3 or 4 inches, I’d say a lot of men are bigger than you. Next time you are feeling “cocky” and big, then look at this list again and compare it to your much smaller penis. Also, call to keep you in your place— our ladies would love to tell you how small your penis actually is.


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