Small Penis Humilation


Okay, so you have a small dick…


So you have a small penis! And you’re searching for “small penis humiliation”, hoping you’ll find some articles on the internet telling you that having a small penis is OKAY, or that women don’t REALLY care about the size of your penis.


Guess what? They DO care if you have a small penis!


Having a small penis is not the end all – be all of your sex life. But it does bear mentioning that, just as the majority of men prefer a pretty, in shape woman with a tight pussy, most women prefer a smart, funny man with a big dick. Does this mean ALL women prefer big dicks? No, it is impossible to assign generalizations like that to 50% of the world’s population. You are going to find women out there who will say they prefer a small dick. Maybe they have a very small vagina themselves. Maybe they are into small penis humiliation, and want a partner with a small cock so they can engage in that fetish on a regular basis.

And some women will tell you that they just don’t care that much about penis size. They are looking at the whole package, and they place more value on things like kindness, stability, professional success, etc.

But let’s pretend that creating the ideal partner was as simple as playing paper dolls. I am very confident in professing that a large majority of women are going to stick a big dick on their ideal man doll. That’s just how it goes.

So if you’ve got a little dick, there are plenty of ways to have fun with it, including humiliation you for your small penis. But if you are asking if women prefer larger cocks, the answer is YES!!


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