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Small Penis Humiliation: My Salvation


I love small penis humiliation! Honestly, I’ve always had a small dick. When I was in my late teens, I just thought I was late bloomer, you know. I thought for sure college would be better. My dick would thicken up and I’d have raging hot chicks banging down my door begging to get fucked. Boy was I an idiot.

College came and went. My pencil dick stayed. My balls did get a little bigger, and my dick got a little longer than when I was back in high school. But thicker, better, bigger? Nope. The powers that be had stuck me with a small dick and I as far as I was concerned I was fucked for the rest of my life because of it.


Small Dicks and the Meat Section


Depressed, my life after college became all about work, beer, and whacking-off to late night porn on the TV. My only social interactions were my weekly trips to the supermarket. The clerks knew me, the stockers knew me, even the parking lot security guy. It kept me feeling a little bit connected with the real world, you know. Better still were checking out the sexy women that shopped regularly when I did. They’d smile and say hello. That pathetic little acknowledgement was all my little dick needed to get going inside my pants.

I never took it any further. I would always smile back and say hello. Man I was such a fucking tiny-dicked loser. But all that changed one day in the meat section when I was reaching for a steak. I turned around and almost crashed into one of the hottest frighin’ women I’d ever seen in my life. She had on a low cut, titty-tight blue sweater that matched her pale blue eyes. Her lips were peachy-full pillows made shiny wet by her lipgloss. She had long legs and a perfect ass. She said hello and I was so turned-on, I couldn’t even say the words to answer, so I just nodded and turned to leave.


“You have a small dick, don’t you,” she asked.


My jaw dropped. My face turned as red as the raw burger in my shopping cart. My knees started to shake. Any second I thought I would frighin’ pass out. I looked down at my jeans. Could she really see how small my cock was in these pants?

“Don’t worry. I love men with small dicks. I know exactly what to do with them. You want to come see for yourself?”


Small Penis Humiliation: A Haven of Humiliation


Twenty minutes later, we were at her house. I was naked on her bed, per her instructions, my dinky prick standing as big as it could get. I waited, and waited some more until she thundered into the room, wearing an open-nip bra and crotchless panties. She looked at my dick and burst out laughing.

“That’s the puniest dick I’ve ever seen! Come on, sissy dick, get your ass over here and so I can look at your pathetic cock with my magnifying glass!”

That’s how it began. She slammed me with taunts, ridicule and verbal humiliations. Instead of getting me mad, it got me crazy horny. I shot my load twice hearing her tell me how pathetic my little dick was and how lucky anyone even noticed it, particularly her. I had no idea the answer to my loser dick woes was to accept my small penis-ness head-on.

Her verbal humiliation went physical. She had me stroke my pencil-dick while she fingered her cunt, pumping her pussy close to my face, all the time reminding me how my penis wasn’t big enough or thick enough to stuff her hole, that her finger was bigger and better and she showed me. She slammed her fingers up her twat just inches from my face until she pissed an orgasm. I was about to unload my cum myself, she stopped me. She told me I didn’t deserve to cum because her fingers did the work, not my pencil-dick.

She ended our night with her strap-on, a big, purple, rubber dick that she stroked while I watched. She told me how good it felt to hold such a big cock, not like my pathetic little prick. She stroked it and lubed it then made me suck it. She pumped her rubber cock until it gagged me and cum exploded from my dick. She made me lick my cum then watch while she stuffed her wet cunt with the rubber dick I had just sucked.

Now, I make house calls to my sexy humiliatrix on a regular basis. Finding a humiliator who can ridicule and tease a pathetic little dick like me has been my sexual salvation. And if you are a small-cocked guy too, it can be yours.


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