Straight Guy Sissified


Look, I just want to get one thing out of the way to start off. I love being sissified but I am not a homo. Yeah, I do not usually get down with any of that gay stuff. It is not that I have anything against them, you understand. You want to choke on another dude’s sweaty cock, that is your own business. I just want to make that clear right here and now, it is not something I go for, you know? Well, normally. That is where the meat of this particular story lies.

See, I have a Mistress. Mistress is into some weird stuff, but hey, so am I, so it usually works out, you know? She loves it when I call her Goddess, and we do things like Goddess worship and boot cleaning, and every now and again she breaks out the strap on.

Boy, I tell you, I used to hate that thing. She would bend me over, and I never said a word about it, because, I mean, I got this beautiful woman who wants to do all this stuff to me, the least I could do is take one for the team, right? Eventually, I got used to it, and still later, I got to where I loved the thing. Yeah, you heard me, I loved taking it up the ass from a beautiful girl with a giant rubber cock. Still does not make me gay, because it is a beautiful woman and not a dude.


Loving Strap On Play Does Not Make Me Gay!


Well, apparently, when I started moaning during the strap on sessions, Mistress (or Goddess) started getting ideas in her head. She started thinking about other ways to spice it up for her, and maybe get some of that sensual humiliation thing she is into going.

So I came over one day, and she was already dressed up in a very hot outfit. I was stunned at the sight of her, like usual, but eventually I noticed some things on the bed. So I got a little curious, but I did not say a word ’cause, well, she would probably slap me for speaking out of turn. Seriously, when she is in the mood to dress up, she is in the mood for some high protocol sessions, which means you do not make a move until she tells you to.

I was told to strip, and I thought it was going be our standard CFNM fetish sort of thing. She loves me naked, not ’cause she wants to see my man-meat dangling, but because it reinforces her superiority or something like that.

So I got undressed, and she threw something in front of me. At first, all I saw was a pink blur, but I looked down and realized it was a pair of panties. Panties!


Why Did Mistress Want Her Straight Sub In Panties?


Then, she told me to put them on. I looked at her, confused, not moving at first. My strict Mistress reached out and slapped me! Then, she told me to put them on again. I freaked a little, but I did as she commanded because, you know, Mistress always wins.

She followed the panties up with a poofy pink dress. The dress was followed by white stockings, which were followed by pink patent leather mary janes, and those were followed by some white gloves. Mistress then told me she was starting a sissy school, and I am to be her first student.

She took me to a mirror and showed me how to do make up. Once I was made up, she put a wig on me which was blonde and curly. I looked like Little Bo Peep or something. She told me that this is my new outfit for sessions. When I show up to sessions from now on, I have to dress up.


Being Sissified is so Addicting!


After a while, it started feeling good, not so humiliating, and I started thinking of myself as a girl when I was in that dress. Especially taking her strap on while in it. She just pulls my panties aside, greases me up, and starts ramming me without taking the panties off. Makes me feel slutty, you know?

So now, she is talking about bringing in another guy to be my boyfriend when I am a girl. Fuck me, treat me nice, all that sort of shit. And it is not gay because I would be a sissified girl at the time. Do you see what I am saying?


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