Tease and Denial Humiliation


Have you ever experienced tease and denial humiliation?

Everybody knows that to control a man you must control his cock. And tease and denial is just the way to do it. Men are helpless when it comes to resisting the charm of a beautiful woman. This is because they are wired to think with their cocks instead of their brains when they are around attractive women.

Women know this and us it to their advantage and for their amusement. Most men know it too, somewhere deep within their subconscious, but they are powerless to do anything about it.


Tease and Denial Humiliation: The Tease


It all starts rather innocently- or so it appears. A glance. A smile. A crossed leg with a shoe dangling off the foot. Little, seemingly insignificant gestures grab his attention, intensely arouse him. Before you know it, he’s forgotten that he was trying not to look, that he was trying to concentrate on something else.

All he’s thinking about now is his arousal and how it seems everything she does excites him even more. Suddenly, he’s no longer content admiring from afar, he’s no longer content to sit back and silently observe. He wants her. He knows he will have to work for it, but at this point, he will do anything to remain in her presence and to continue the excitement.


Tease and Denial Humiliation: The Hook


She’s got him right where she wants him now. All worked up and ready and willing to do whatever it takes to please her. She talks to him then, asking him if he likes what he sees; if he would like to see more. Of course, he’d love to see more and tells her so.

She leans in closer so he can smell her exotic perfume and get a good look at her cleavage. He wonders whether the scent of the perfume is wafting up from between her breasts; can almost picture her sitting in front of her vanity dabbing that oh-so-sexy scent all over those gorgeous tits.

Now she asks if he’d like to touch her long sexy legs, a kiss between her breasts. With a rush of excitement, he tells her he would love to do just that, and more! She asks him if he’s picturing her naked right now and he has to admit that he is. She tells him if he plays his cards right, he may get to do just that… someday.


The Humiliation of Denial


The beauty of tease and denial humiliation is that she has no intention of ever letting him see her naked, but of course, he does not know that. She has him follow her to the bathroom, where she commands him to undress in front of her. He tells her he has no problem undressing but that he wants her to do the same.

That he’s so worked up from her teasing him, that he just has to see her beautiful body. In time, she tells him. First, I want you to stroke that cock for me. Happy to oblige, since it had been begging to be stroked this entire time, he began stroking.

She tells him it’s time to tell her how beautiful she is. To tell her how much he wants her; how much he would do anything for her. She tells him that if he plays his cards right, soon, he will get to see her naked. This excites him even more and he is happily following her stroking orders until suddenly tells him to stop.

He whines that he can’t possibly stop now. She reminds him that he said he would do anything for her for the chance to see her naked and that this is what she wants him to do. She further instructs him that he is to masturbate twice a day for the next week, but there is a catch. He must think only of her while he’s masturbating and he must not orgasm. He has to stroke himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there for 20 minutes, twice a day.

He asks if he will get to see her naked next time. She smiles sheepishly and tells him maybe. He asks if he will be allowed to orgasm when he sees her next. Again, she smiles and told him she’d think about it. With that, she turns on her heel and leaves, leaving him hard and high and dry.

Suddenly, a wave of humiliation rushes over him. “What did I just do?”, he thinks. “She’s just teasing me, she has no intention of letting me see her naked.”, he thinks. But you know what? Without a doubt, he will follow her orders and show up next week with the hope of seeing her naked and achieving orgasm.

Does he really believe he will get to? Not really, but that won’t keep him from trying. That’s how tease and denial humiliation works.

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