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What’s the Difference Between Sensual Humiliation and Hardcore Humiliation?


As with most arenas of the sweet and sweaty world of sex, the difference between sensual humiliation and hardcore humiliation is not a strictly defined one. Both tap into the erotic practice of physical and verbal humiliation for gratification and pleasure.


Sexual Humiliation: A Definition


Sexual humiliation is the consensual use of verbal or physical humiliation where one or both participants experience erotic excitement from being demeaned and humiliated or from humiliating or demeaning another.

Sensual humiliation is sometimes thought of as the tamer end of erotic humiliation. There may be some truth to that. A tease between a man and woman where a woman taunts him by spreading her cunt lips, rubs them against him then tells him look but don’t touch, is an example of a tame, sensual tease.

Sensual humiliation often remains on that level of tease or playful restraint and is defined by the intensity of the humiliation ritual practiced by its participants. Tame or not, the fact is sensual humiliation can get intense, intense enough to crossover into the world of hardcore humiliation. Consequently it’s up to the participants to set the desired and satisfying boundaries. Or not.

Hardcore humiliation takes erotic humiliation to a more intensely flavored level. If you enjoy the edgy, more sustained side of humiliation. Or if you are just another small-dicked man who feels he deserves to be extremely humiliated, the hardcore arena is for you. Where sensual humiliation is mostly about the tease, hardcore humiliation pushes boundaries, embraces pain and embarrassment and heightens the degree of humiliation, both verbal and physical, that is experienced.

Where sensual humiliation may be a taunt, like “your tweety-bird dick is to small to tap my cunt hole,” hardcore humiliation would be extreme mocking, laughing, a hot woman lubing up a vibrator and stuffing it into her male partnerÕs mouth so he understands his place or having him stand for hours naked in front of a room full of masturbating women that call him names and belittle him.
Enough talk. Let’ s get down to the humiliation.

Elyse works at the bar down the street as a bartender. You’ ve always wanted to fuck her, but thought she was married. Two drinks into your usual Friday night visit she flashes her tits and tells you she just broke up with her useless boyfriend. She says follow her to her house. You spring a boner during a slurpy-tongued make-out session on her couch and then —she suddenly gets up.

“Too bad you’ re not man enough to handle me.”

“Bull! I’m man enough for any pussy,” you respond.

“Not mine,” she answers. She licks her finger, sticks it up her pussy.

“Like this.”

She slow fingers her hole, flicks at her dripping clit. You are turned on and humiliated at the same time. She straddles over you, let’s her cum goo dribble onto your face. You feel like a worthless, horny piece of crap under her. You went home with her in the first place to do your manly job, cock-fuck her till she moans and here you are watching her finger fuck herself, humiliated and unable to do anything!

She cums, gets dressed and humiliatingly orders you to leave. Maybe next time, only if you are lucky, she might let you touch her.


Rocking it Hardcore Humiliation Style


You think your online date Rebecca invited you over for a little wine, a little music and maybe sex. She did—but not like you thought.

She lets you in and boom—handcuffs you to a chair! Her verbal humiliation begins. She belittles you about the way you smell and dress. Laughs that you actually think anyone would want to screw a loser like you!

She pulls down your pants, grabs your balls, making fun of the way they look, telling you no hot woman like her would get her mouth anywhere near such stupid looking balls. The she calls out.

“Rick! Get in here!”

A six-foot stud, with nothing on but a cock ring, walks in lubing up his dick. “Now this is a real man. You see his cock? How hard and big it is?”

She makes you watch while they stand inches from your face and fuck. He slams his cock into her dripping pussy hole. She grabs his butt and finger-fucks his anus. She taunts your loser ass, until they rocket cum all over your face.

They leave to take a shower together, leaving you soaked in cum like the nothing you are.


Pick or Choose Sensual Humiliation or Hardcore Humiliation


Pick one or both. Let erotic humiliation be your favorite fuck and suck adventure. And don’t forget about her, once she’s humiliated you into a suitable slave boy she might want to suffer a little humiliation herself!


Anything for My Mistress


Sadly, you can’t really meet a woman and tell her you want her to humiliate you. So I was left with memories and stroking, until I met my Mistress. She will happily put me in the most humiliating situations, from crawling across the floor naked to licking her boots. She calls me Humiliation Slut and says a slut will do anything to get off and I will.

She then tapes it and makes me watch it with her or her and her friends, so they can laugh while I cum watching myself be humiliated. I’ve done things for her that I never thought I’d try. Sucked cocks, worn panties, begged for spankings”¦.anything that would humiliate me in front of her and make for good television the next day or so when she calls me to come over for a viewing party. I’m due there now and can only imagine what she has in store for me next! Whether it be sensual humiliation or hardcore humiliation, I know I will enjoy it.


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