The Psychology of Humiliation


The psychology of humiliation goes much deeper than a quick fap. Humiliation is, in fact, one of the strongest human emotions; these feelings can often consume you and become so intense that you would do anything you are told. Humiliation is a very basic human emotion, one that when properly exploited can take a humiliation slave to new heights of both submission and sexual arousal. Erotic humiliation is the systematic use of psychological humiliation during a sexual encounter.

Erotic humiliation involves deep psychological reactions in all of the parties involved. At its most basic form, the slave gains sexual arousal just from the exceptionally powerful emotions of being humiliated, while the Mistress relishes and gains arousal from inflicting humiliation upon the individual. Humiliation phone sex is one of the most intimate and devious forms of power play.

The interesting part of humiliation is that it does not always have to be 100% sexual in nature. Humiliation can be verbal, physical, emotional, private, or public. Erotic humiliation is often very ritualistic between a slave and a strict Mistress. One of the unique factors of erotic humiliation is how flexible it can be for play; it can be carried out easily through humiliation phone sex with your perfect Femdom.

You may be curious as to what makes erotic humiliation so different from an ordinary act of dominance. The difference is that the activity associated with humiliation is, simply put, just a means to that end. Erotic humiliation can range from light to extreme. Some forms of humiliation are even considered edge play, especially public humiliation. Erotic humiliation can often become so intense and extreme that the individual being humiliated will know the true extremes of degradation.

Humiliation can come in many forms. The following are just a few more popular forms of erotic humiliation.


The Psychology of Humiliation: Verbal Humiliation


Verbal humiliation can come in many forms and often will spill over into most of the other forms of humiliation. Your strict Mistress will hone in on exactly what slurs and phrases humiliate you. Your Mistress will exploit your every weakness during a session of verbal humiliation. Verbal humiliation will often include degrading references, such as slut, tart, bitch, and whore.


Humiliation Of Physical Appearance


During this type of humiliation session, your femdom goddess will focus on your physical shortcomings. Verbal humiliation is a large part of these scenarios but is often in conjunction with other forms of physical humiliation. Some common forms of physical appearance humiliation are small penis humiliation (Sph), fat or piggy humiliation, and other slights at appearances. These types of slaves are verbally belittled with words such as slave, boy, girl, missy, pet. Other common degrading references are things such as slut, tart, bitch, whore, and faggot.


The Psychology of Humiliation: Micro-Management


In this form of humiliation, the slave is subjected to constant micromanagement. Every aspect of their lives is controlled from normal bodily functions to cock control to orgasm denial. Other aspects that are potentially micro-managed are degrading forms of housework, complete with instruction on what to wear, how to act, and what to say (or not say in some cases).


Cuckolding / Chastity


Cuckolding and chastity often go hand in hand in erotic humiliation. When serving a cuckold Mistress, you will be degraded as you watch her achieve sexual pleasure with any number of other men. Many cuckold slaves are forced to indulge in coerced cock sucking and coerced bi and cream pie clean up. These humiliation slaves are also often kept in chastity so that they can focus on the needs of the strict mistress.


Humiliation By Coerced Transformations


In this broad category of erotic humiliation, slaves are seduced into becoming something they normally would not. Transformations can be as transparent as the clothing the slave wears or as complex as the emotional mentality hidden behind whatever façade the strict mistress has picked out. Common transformations are panty boy, sissy boy, or forms of inanimate objects. Objectification can be a powerful form of erotic humiliation.

A strict mistress is as skilled with the mental aspects of humiliation as she is with the physical forms of humiliation. The key to a truly degrading experience is to systematically break the humiliation slave down through the use of psychological mental warfare. To do this, a femdom mistress must truly understand the psychology of humiliation.


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