The Sensual Domination of Cuckolding


Tonight, I will be cuckolding my husband. I left him at home and joined my girlfriends for a “girl’s night out.” I could tell he wasn’t happy, but what was he going to say? We had been married several years and been lovers (if you want to call fucking for five minutes with little foreplay being lovers) for a couple of years before that while we were in college.

My husband never took my breath away. I thought it would be all right, because security means more than love and sexual attraction. Now, almost a decade later, I see how wrong I was.


Cuckolding: I’m Going to Have an Affair


I told him a few months ago that I was going to have an affair; just to see how it felt. He just looked sad and shrugged his shoulders. He is such a pussy! I was so mad at him for not getting angry, not fighting, just standing there cowed. I decided that tonight was the night. I going to go out and let my sexy side out. I dress carefully in a black dress and black pumps.

I put on makeup, which I hadn’t really done with any kind of thought in years. My blond hair flowed down my back. As I walked out the door, I saw him sitting at the table eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, his head bowed. I told him that I was going out and have some fun and that I was going to find some cute young guy and bring him home and have him fuck me right on the floor in front of him. He said nothing.


A Night on The Town


My friends and I went to dinner first at this really nice restaurant. I ordered food and a frozen strawberry daiquiri. It reminded me so much of better days that I ordered two more. By the time we left there to go to the club, I was feeling very light on my feet indeed. We went to the biggest, busiest bar in town.

The music was loud and the bass thumped in time with my heartbeat. We ordered more drinks. I thought I would slow down this time because I wanted to enjoy what I had planned for my loser husband.

I had been dancing with my friend when I saw him. Sure, he was a little younger than I was, but he was just my type. We met each other’s eyes a few times and then smiled. Finally, he came over and asked me to dance. I hate to admit that I felt like I was in college again at one of those damn freshman mixers. We danced a while and made small talk. I liked the way his arms felt around me.

For a moment, I just let the music and the feeling take me away from everything. Then he was leading me off the dance floor, out into the cool night air. He asked me if I wanted to leave and go somewhere else. I knew what he meant. I explained, frankly, what I wanted to do. I said that he didn’t have to go home with me that I would go with him back to his place, but I really needed to take him home and show my husband I was cuckolding him.


Coming Home With Another Man


The guy kissed me softly and said that he would love to come home with me. I returned to my friends at the bar and said that I had gotten a ride home. They smiled knowingly but said nothing negative. I grabbed my purse and joined my new friend at his car. The drive home was quick. He drove with one hand high on my leg.

I felt an electric kind of desire I haven’t felt in years. We entered the house together, he and I. My husband was sitting in his easy chair drinking a beer. We came in and I told him that this was my new friend and that we were going to fuck. Did he want to watch?

“Please”¦” he started, and then just shook his head. Since he didn’t say anything else, I took it to mean that he wanted us to. The guy was kissing my neck as I watched my husband. It felt so good to have someone kiss me who actually enjoyed it. It felt so good to know my worthless husband would have no choice but to see me be fucked. He didn’t move. Soon I wasn’t watching him anymore.

The guy undressed me slowly, kissing me the whole time. I could feel my husband’s eyes burning into my back as the last of our clothing fell away and we slid as one to the carpeted floor. “Pay attention while I’m cuckolding you,” I told him as my new lover touched me. “Maybe you’ll learn something.”


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