The Ultimate Humiliation


Let me tell you about the ultimate humiliation. I have been a professional femdom Mistress for about 11 years now. In my 11 years, I have seen many different types of submissive men come through my dungeon; all with varying fetishes, dark desires and dirty secrets. In a way, every fetish is a link to erotic humiliation. Every man who crosses the doorway to my dungeon is looking to be stripped of his pride and dignity, to be aroused by a powerful Dominant woman.

Many men are in dire need of a Sadistic woman who would not bat an eyelash at pulling him over her knee or leaving him at the mercy of her whip, but this also humbles a slave. No matter the fetish or the desire they are all linked to erotic humiliation play. This is probably why I absolutely love erotic humiliation and phone humiliation. There is nothing like the quiet, humble quiver in a man’s voice as he willingly submits not only his dignity but his “manhood” to my extreme humiliation.

Over the years, humiliation slaves have typically started out fairly generic and “safe.” The catch to this is that over time they come to crave deeper and darker humiliation. They crave to have their limits pushed to the maximum. For many of these men, the ULTIMATE humiliation is very similar. Most will never cross that line into the extreme, but those that are brave enough to truly submit to their humiliation mistress will experience the gross and utter humiliation that they have always fantasized secretly about.


The Ultimate Humiliation Starts With A Strap On


The stereotypical man views himself as masculine, therefore his conquest would all be of the female persuasion. These men are often even homophobic and would never even DREAM of a sexual experience with a man, let alone a group of men. Many men are simply humiliated by the thought of even sucking on a hard strap on attached to his gorgeous Humiliatrix.

Strap on humiliation can be intense for a new humiliation slave. The first time he wraps his lips around that hard pseudo-cock, then as he is degraded while he chokes on it over and over again, he is hooked. The humiliation slut would not be able to deny his arousal as his body betrayed him and his cock quickly stood at attention while he was being humiliated. This is not where strap on humiliation ends though. The next step is for the humiliation slave’s pride to be violently stripped from him as he is fucked by his strict femdom.


From Strap On To Cocksucking – the Ultimate Humiliation


This strap on humiliation is really just a warm up for the ultimate humiliation that is to come for my sex slut. Strap on humiliation is the training for what every humiliation slave both dreads and craves all in the same moment. Coerced cock sucking and coerced bi are two of the biggest forms of humiliation phone sex for most men, and they can be particularly intense when experienced with a strict mistress.

Imagine, if you will, yourself on your knees when three muscular athletic men walked into the room, all while you are completely naked and exposed. You would be so humiliated as they slowly walked over to you, not saying a word but slowly starting to unzip their pants almost in unison.

The perfect humiliation slave would accept his fate as a soon-to-be coerced cock sucking slut. This would only be intensified by the public humiliation of me and my friends watching as you suck that hard cock. You would become nothing more than a robotic, cock hungry, cum eating whore during this erotic humiliation scenario.

As if this was not enough humiliation for you, next you will have your first coerced bi experience where you will be humiliated as you are fucked by each cock. Many times you will have both holes filled with cock while you are humiliated and used like a common sex toy. Coerced bi humiliation is the ultimate form of humiliation and will be an experience that is certain to remain with you forever. You are no longer a man as you are being fucked violently like a blowup doll for all of our amusement. Your cock will be throbbing from the sheer intensity of this humiliation.

Humiliation phone sex with a strict mistress will have you throbbing and begging to push your limits to these extremes in no time. A humiliation mistress is awaiting and daydreaming of a plethora of new and imaginative ways to lead you down the deviant and kinky road of phone humiliation.