Types of Erotic Humiliation


There are many types of erotic humiliation. Humiliation is a subjective emotion but all human beings have experienced it at one time or another. It is a powerful emotion that when brought about properly can cause feelings of eroticism, known as erotic humiliation.

There are many types of erotic humiliation, both in the physical and in the emotional realm, and what stimulates one person is likely to turn off another. Some aspects of erotic humiliation occur unintentionally or are committed accidentally, sometimes through mis-communication or misunderstanding.

Erotic humiliation is a psychological emotion that occurs when a person becomes aroused by giving or receiving humiliation. These individuals find the practice of being demeaned exciting, whether or not the act of humiliation itself is sexual in nature. The eroticism is derived from the feelings brought about from the humiliation, not from the activity itself, whether it be physical or emotional in nature.


Verbal Humiliation


Verbal humiliation refers to insults, name-calling, racial slurs, etc., directed at a person. When the person becomes aroused from the name-calling and insults, erotic humiliation occurs.

The range of terms considered humiliating differs from person to person and their sexual fantasies, but some of the more common verbal humiliation slurs are: loser, pathetic, wimp, sissy, panty boy, slut, cum sucker, worthless, etc.


Types of Erotic Humiliation: Public Humiliation



Public humiliation is a form of erotic humiliation whereby a person derives sexual pleasure from being humiliated in front of others. This type of humiliation can be very dangerous if it involves unsuspecting others or any other form of illegal activity, such as streaking, masturbating in public, etc.

Care must be taken to involve only those who consent to be involved and to no arrests occur. This can be especially difficult for exhibitionists and those who are really turned on by public humiliation because part of the excitement stems from the fact that the person is performing a “forbidden” activity.


Type of Erotic Humiliation: Small Penis Humiliation


Many men enjoy being humiliated for having a small or inadequate penis, whether they actually have a small penis, or not. Often the desire for small penis humiliation stems around a man’s own insecurities over the size of his penis; other times it stems from an experience where he was laughed at or made to feel inadequate because of his penis size.

Some men have insecurities in other areas of their lives that they don’t want to admit, so they channel it into small penis humiliation, whether they actually have a small penis or not.


Cuckold Humiliation


Cuckold humiliation occurs when a wife is sleeping with a lover other than her husband. The premise behind cuckoldry is that the husband just doesn’t have what it takes to please his wife; whether it be because of his small size or his limited abilities.

Erotic humiliation occurs when the husband becomes sexually aroused, either by watching, or by hearing about his wife’s sexual escapades. Sometimes this is accompanied with sissy humiliation or coerced bi humiliation, where the husband is feminized and made to suck his wife’s lover’s cock.


Sissy Humiliation


Sissy humiliation refers to humiliating an effeminate man or one who has become more feminized; wearing female clothes, makeup, and desiring to partake in other typically female activities.

Further feminizing them and taking it to outrageous levels, such as wearing frilly little pink dresses and bonnets or slutty attire is one way of humiliating sissies. Verbal humiliation, spanking, strap-on play, coerced bi, and servitude are a few other ways to induce sissy humiliation.


Coerced Bi Humiliation


Coerced bi is a form of erotic humiliation where a dominant woman, usually a Mistress, coerces a man into sucking cock or being fucked by another man. Most men have fantasized about sucking cock but don’t like to admit it, even to themselves.

For these men, sucking cock under the guise of coercion makes it easier for them to enjoy their fantasies. There are men who enjoy coerced bi in real life, as well.


Types of Erotic Humiliation are Endless


There are many types of erotic humiliation and erotic humiliation scenarios. The  possibilities are endless when it comes to things or circumstances that cause humiliation and sexual excitement simultaneously.

The most important thing is to ensure partners understand and respect each others’ limits. Every person is as unique as their fantasies and triggers, no matter which types of erotic humiliation they enjoy.

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