Types of Sensual Humiliation


We all know what humiliation is. But do you know there are many different types of humiliation and even many types of sensual humiliation. Even if we can’t rattle off a textbook definition, we all have memories of humiliating experiences– forgetting your speech in your undergraduate debate class or having your swim trunks fall to your ankles when you jump from the diving board as your girlfriend’s friends look on– there are endless examples.

All of these experiences brought on feelings of pain and embarrassment. If humiliation causes negative feelings, then what is sensual humiliation? Can humiliation also arouse desire?

Yes, humiliation can be sexually exciting. There are actually two different kinds of sexual humiliation. There is hardcore humiliation, which as the name suggests, involves interactions that cause intense feelings of embarrassment and other emotions along with Then there is sensual humiliation. This is the lighter side of sexual humiliation.


Mistress Knows You Love Sensual Humiliaiton


Let’s just pretend you have a Mistress. Every Saturday you travel to be with your Mistress. She knows you’re a loser and you love it. She makes you do all kinds of things you can’t even admit to liking. However, in truth, you’re obsessed with doing these things or having been instructed to do them, by your Mistress.

She says that she likes to give you an opportunity to experience several different types of sensual humiliation. One type of sensual humiliation she persuades you to try involves a nice big strap on. Sometimes on those Saturdays, your Mistress brings out her 14-inch strap on and tells you to bend over.

You look scared and start to protest, but she says that she is going to fuck you with it. Even though you’re whimpering, you can feel your cock getting hard as you bend over, wondering if any of her friends are hiding in the closet.


You Brought Sensual Humiliation On Yourself


Another type of sensual humiliation is not really humiliation, is it? Your Mistress might know you’re a sissy girl and so she says that she really wants you to prance around in panties and heels as you deserve. She then tells you that the two of you are going to the park while you’re all dressed up so people can see you and laugh. You tell her you hate it and she’s being unfair in asking you to dress all prissy. As you’re complaining, though, you love all the frilly clothes she has for you and can’t wait to feel them against your skin.

Your Mistress knows you very well. She sees you naked often, always laughs, and points at your small cock. She says that your cock is tiny even after it raises its little head to get hard. In fact, she loves to stroke your tiny weenie just to see it jump so she can take pictures or show her friends that happen to drop by. Sometimes she makes you stand naked in front of a group of them while they laugh and point. It is horribly arousing for you.


Using Your Secrets Against You


Maybe you’ve told your Mistress that you secretly really want to suck another guy’s cock. You’ve never told anyone about it, but it is a huge turn on to you to think about it. Your Mistress nods with a smile on her face and says nothing. The following week, she has brought a friend with her. After some polite conversation and a few drinks, she informs you that she is expecting you to suck her friend’s cock.

Shock, fear and intense desire flood your brain. Part of you just wants to get up and leave, while the other part feels your body shaking, desperately wanting to do it. To save face, you protest and pretend to be very angry at your Mistress’ presumption that you would want this, all the while knowing that, in the end, you will “submit” to her and suck the guy’s cock.

Remember the first time, during a prolonged stroking session, your Mistress instructs you to reach down, take some of your warm cum on your fingers, and lick it off. At first, you balk at this suggestion, then you’re intrigued. You do as you’re told and taste it. You don’t want to admit it, but the taste of cum makes you come harder.

You tell your Mistress you hated it but secretly hope that she makes you do it again. Just like with the last type of sensual humiliation that we will talk about; cuckolding. Say you love the idea of your wife or girlfriend fucking another man and they know you’re a loser who can’t satisfy them anyway. They go out and find a boyfriend. Then they come home after they’ve been fucked or sometimes they bring the guy home so you can watch them fuck on your living room floor or even in your bed.

Whichever type of sensual humiliation is your favorite, it always turns out feeling fantastic, doesn’t it. Especially when your Humiliation Mistress tells you what to do in that soft sexy voice of hers and you know you want to do it, no matter how humiliating.